Children of Krishna, Inc.


"Helping Hare Krsna Youth Help Themselves"


Alachua, Florida, U.S.A.

Project Directors

Anuttama Dasa, Badrinarayana Dasa, Dhira Govinda Dasa, Jahnavi Devi Dasi, Krsna Avatara Dasa, Manu Dasa, Sanatana Dasa (Four directors are from ISKCON's second generation.)


Children of Krishna, Inc., supports, furthers, and protects the educational, economic, emotional, and spiritual development of the children of the Hare Krsna movement.


Children of Krishna aims to help the leaders of ISKCON achieve the following:

a) Create a loving environment for our children and protect them from harm;

b) Provide our students a first-class, well-rounded education through trained professional teachers and exceptional schools;

c) Give our young adults the transitional training and support they need to become productive and happy members of society.


Children of Krishna, Inc., was formed in 1996 during the annual meeting of ISKCON's North American leaders. CKI assists young men and women who grew up in the Hare Krsna movement by providing grants and loans for continuing education and for personal and occupational development. Grants have supported internships, counseling, reunions, university tuitions, youth publications, and the purchase of computer equipment for ISKCON-affiliated schools. Thanks to the generous contributions of ISKCON members and friends, CKI has given out more than $30,000 to young devotees.

How You Can Help

Children of Krishna links young people in need with adults willing and able to help. If you know any young devotees who could use assistance, tell them about CKI, or phone CKI at the number below.

Children of Krishna operates solely on contributions. To make a pledge or contribution, contact:

Jahnavi Dasi

Managing Director, CKI

P. O. Box 2458

Alachua, Florida 32616, U.S.A.

Phone: (904) 462-1081