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Association Orientale de Bhakti Yoga (Eastern Society for Bhakti Yoga)


New Mayapur, France


Acaryavan Dasa, Bhavasindhu Dasa, Gaura Bhakta Dasa, Subhadra Priya Devi Dasi, Bhaktin Salima


1. To spread Krsna consciousness in the Arabic-speaking world, particularly North Africa.

2. To spread Krsna consciousness among the North African community of France (six million people).

3. To translate Srila Prabhupada's books into Arabic, publish them, and distribute them in large numbers.


In the 1970s Srila Prabhupada was pleased to hear that some of his disciples were spreading Krsna consciousness in the Arab countries of North Africa. To carry on the work there, last year some devotees originally from North Africa started the Eastern Society for Bhakti Yoga (ESBY), under the supervision of ISKCON governing body commissioner Hari Vilasa Dasa. A few French devotees have joined the team and are enthusiastic to open centers in North Africa.

As no nonresident devotee can stay permanently in North Africa, ESBY's first step is to create a strong backup team to organize regular tours there. (See BTG, Sept./Oct. 1992.) ESBY members write to people they've met on trips to North Africa and introduce Krsna consciousness to Arab students attending universities in France.


ESBY has teamed up with the Mediterranean BBT (Bhaktivedanta Book Trust) to publish a new Arabic version of Bhagavad-gita As It Is for the Srila Prabhupada Centennial. A translation of The Science of Self-realization is almost completed.

A program of lectures in the numerous Arab circles of Paris is planned for 1994-5.


Most devotees shy away from spreading Krsna consciousness among the Arabs, whom they consider mere religious fanatics. So very few devotees are involved in ESBY. It also has no steady source of funding.


1. Sponsor the printing of a newsletter to be sent to contacts in North Africa.

2. If you have any qualification in written Arabic, join the book production team. (Fewer than ten titles—mostly small books—are available at present.)

3. Join a preaching tour to the Arabian countries.

4. Give financial support.

5. Offer encouragement or ask questions.

To send donations or get more information, please contact:

Association Orientale de Bhakti Yoga

Dinabandhu Dasa

Novelle Mayapur

Domaine d 'Oublaisse

36360 Lucay le Male


Phone: +33 (54) 402395

Fax: +33 (54) 402823