Of bondage I come,
Yet must free myself and awaken.
Forgive me my inexcusable cravings, my petty wants
For denying the greatness and the Gift which
has been bestowed upon me.

Life in the fullest awakefulness in Thee
My gift; my opportunity.

Yet I pursue my dreams, and remember not
my every deed; engrossed
are my many false selves
in this sensual play.

Hear me, Krishna, bearer of Lofty contemplations, that 
I might transform these scattered games
into my search for Thee-the 
Self True in Thee.

I deny not that in my separation
I made myself a glutton by the wealth of 
my passions.

Now let Thy grace and divine love strip me naked
unmercifully! I seek no mercy, for I know well
the deadly lies, and am fearful.

Let me view now! Now let me see the sickness
and tormented state of my being………my deceiving lies told!
Let this be my work, my prayer, my meditation.

Open me true to those facts
Which my false selves have long hidden away fearfully.

May I prepare myself for the glimpses of truth in my inner soul,
The shattering pulses agone in the 
bubbling waters of creation,
The bursting bumble-bee's hum…..the
piercing ecstatic Bliss.

I be a son lost! You son of spirit
Sent to bear body; this fleshy burden…..

Forsake me not then, Golden Godstar above,
Reawaken me in spirit, that I may 
perceive Thine Infinite forms.

There are also millions and millions
upon this tiny earth-bubble-and they the many
have forgotten the life of spirit, and the hurdle to overcome:
this illusion we have long assumed to be the Reality.

O these little ones………….the universe created around them, for them!
Give unto these, Krishna, the gift to realize their
might step out to the threshold of our
Infinite Holy Godstar.

Devakananda Das Brahmacary
(Ronald Hoyt)