To doubt
is to say, "God is wrong.
I will find my own answers."
But do you know
who you are?
where you came from?
why you are here?
To know the answers
to all questions
all you need to know 
is that you are a fragment
of Krishna.

Brahmananda Das Brahmachary
(Bruce Scharf)


"Good Help Nowadays"

After all, it is Kaliyuga.
But still, I do wish
As I hear of the beauty of the Lord
That I could learn to praise Him.
And when I hear of the kindness of the Lord,
I long to glorify Him.
But my mouth is barren and my voice is cracked,
And all I know of is stone
if a man can be stone.
So I must beg my Lord
To give me the means
And the method
And the strength
And the will
To serve Him.
And after all that, O Krishna
What is there left that I can do for You?

Rayarama Das Brahmachary
(Raymond Marais)


These waters speak of our Lord
they are continually descending down
as a man bowing
as a man bowing.
like a cup emptying.
Yet in reverence & humility
the fulfillment & recognition
as a man bowing
like a cup emptying
these waters run down from the mountains
into the sea
and speak of our Lord
for it is only by running into the sea
that the river never grows dry
it is only by devotion to the Lord
that a man never dies
Yet the river is without salt
and man without memory
but he has been remembered
from all eternity
indeed the cup cannot be emptied
from all eternity Neither can the cup be turned
upside down or right side up
for gravity clashes in other realms
and the river descends in praise
like a man bowing
bowing in His Love.

Rabindrasvarupa Das Brahmachary
(Bob Lefkowitz)