O Savior of the Lotus Eye,
I am unworthy of Thy Form Divine,
Whisper but Thy Name sublime,
Govinda, Govinda, Govinda.

O Krishna of the Lotus Breast,
Where compassion complete doth rest,
Just one embrace is all I ask,
That is enough for me.

O Lover of the Lotus Lips,
Press to my heart Thy tongue;
Enfold Thyself about myself,
Then shall we two be one.

Sprinkle the dust from Thy Lotus Feet
Over my mortal head;
Trample my flesh to pieces,
Then only Thou will be.

Kirtanananda Das Brahmachary

Krishna the dew of morning,
Krishna the flower of noon,
Krishna the star of evening,
Krishna the all in all.

Krishna the Knower,
Krishna the Known,
Krishna the Subject and Object,
Krishna is All I know.

Kirtanananda Das Brahmachary
(Keith Ham)