They luxuriously eat, sleep, mate and defend,
There's nothing more in life they intend ….
Will you also do the same?

They cheat and lie, cruelly hurt and also cry,
Lord it over everything and then decay and die ….
Do you want to try the same?

They are heartless and dumb, cruel but dull,
The sun and winds torture them in full …
Do you want to be the same?

They kill fish and animals to satisfy their tongue,
Also hurt their loved ones, both old and young ….
Will you also do the same?

Parents divorce, families break up and children cry,
Relationships and human suffering leave their eyes dry ….
Are you also the same?

They've lost hope, trust, love and faith,
And now need something to overcome the dearth.
Forbidden sights, foods, drinks and delight,
Cannot still alleviate their pathetic plight.

The remedy to all this is a treasure,
Found in India, beyond measure.
It is so simple and oh so true,
If you don't embrace it, you'll rue!

So shed your arrogance and crush your pride,
Let God into your life, then Maya will hide.
But don't be greedy, a coward or a miser,
Share this treasure will all and make them spiritually wiser!

You're duty-bound, O India, to help lead astray souls home.