I don't know
if it's Monday
Wednesday or Friday
I'm up on my feet
our temple has a new Murti!

Blackish Krishna
Lord of the Dance
oh now we can
really sing and play
this Murti is
real God-brother!

His toes and palms are pink and
His foot is black
His leg is crossed in curving posture
His robes are bright yellow
His chest is grand
His eyes are huge
His crown is gold
His arms are bent holding a black flute
He stands in the heart of our
temple surrounded
with incense and flowers
and barefoot dancing servants
wearing faded yellow robes
play cymbals and organ,
Sing His Kirtan
Hare Krishna!
Hare Krishna!

Take heart, here's new
singing to the evergreen
He is Shyamsundar and
shining like a fresh rain cloud.

Satsvarupa das Brahmachary (Stephen Guarino)