Tirthapada Dasa Brahmacari (ISKCON Sydney)

O glorify the one who to Krsna is so dear,
Whose presence scatters the clouds of illusion clear,
Whose name is sweeter than the sweetest nectar,
And who brings the torch of knowledge near:

His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada,
At whose lotus feet all other masters gather,
Pulling us out of maya's thralls to see
How wonderful is reality.
None can save us from death but he.

When will I have eyes to see you
And to concentrate my attention on you?
Your Divine Grace, our very lives
Are dependent on your mercy.

O Prabhupada, let me forever be
Chained to your service, never free,
Lest maya should overcome my weak mind
And drown me in her fearful sea.