In South India one “goddess”  rules over the passionate, lusty hearts of her followers and has given her followers some mantras such as “There are no virgins today, so young men should not harbor false hopes”, “It is alright to have premarital sex as long as it is protected.” Those angered by these extremely prejudiced and ignorant comments had protested that “there should be some morality in the comments made by people of prominence.” However, even this observation on part of lawyers protesting the statements angered one of the Supreme Court’s Honorable justices. When the justice was told that this actress has a temple in her honor, he shot back: “And this is how you revere your goddess by dragging her to court?”

The average Indian today is in the grip of these guttersnipe personalities who have absolutely no understanding as to what constitutes culture or dignity. In the name of freedom of expression they spout any nonsense which ultimately supports the old saying, “The only bad publicity is no publicity.”

This “goddess” making comments about pre-marital sex and non-availability of virgin brides is a classic case of the cheaters and the cheated. The public want to get cheated and such cheating “goddesses” are made available to fulfill their desires. According to folklore some people would send their young daughters to seek out renunciates performing meditation in a holy place in order to serve them. They secretly hoped that if one of the sadhus gets attracted to his daughter then she would obtain good progeny. Knowing this, many rogues would don the robes of a renunciate and wait for the “service” rendered by these young girls. Thus both would end up getting cheated. Here the public want to adore their stars for their so-called talents and thus entertain them. However most of today’s stars have scant regard for India’s culture. Drunk with success and using their fame-addled brains to comment of society’s issues only worsens the situation.

We really need to give a serious look at the wisdom left behind by our sages. Adopting Western values even when fully knowing that they have caused serious problems in the Western countries is fatal. (Syamananda Dasa)