Moods of Radha Rani

I would like to share some of my most pleasant experiences in Krishna consciousness with the readers.

I began my journey on this beautiful path some three years ago. Being a first timer, I was curious and keen to quickly learn the Vaishnava process of devotion. In particular, I wanted to learn the aratis performed at ISKCON centers worldwide. I started with sringara-arati. Until that time, I had no book what so-ever, so I thought of downloading it from the internet along with the tune sung by Yamuna Devi Dasi and also one maha-mantra tune sung by Srila Prabhupada.  At that time, I had a slow dial-up connection which was accompanied by a lot of distortion. Aware of these limitations, I gathered my patience, and prepared to download it. When I got connected to the site, I was thrilled to hear Yamuna’s singing and wanted to follow her effortlessly. But this did not remain for long as there was electricity failure. I was disappointed. It was all so sudden and swift that I could not even save the arati. It would take so long to connect again and then visit the site and open the page. And surely, it took 45 minutes for the power to return.

Then there was an additional problem with the server and hence connection could not be established. Though disappointed, I was not hopeless and kept persisting. The omnipresent Krishna was not oblivious of my predicament and His grace in the form of help came with unprecedented swiftness. The impossible happened as the arati was “made” available offline only for that very moment. I had never before or later seen that happen. Although I was naive to suspect God’s mercy, I could not comprehend what had happened then.

Divine Hints

During Deity worship, when I decorate Radharani and Syamsundara with beautiful jewellery, They at times, seem to be giving me hints regarding Their selection of ornament. I have a small box for Their earrings, and have to almost dig my fingers deep into the box to take out a matching pair. I scatter them on a flat tray to make it convenient. At times when in a hurry, I select one pair randomly and try to put it on, but on finding the other piece of the pair missing from the tray, I know for sure this is not what Radharani wants to wear today. I remove that piece from Her ear, select another pair, decorate Her beautiful ears, and when the sringara is complete, I see the previously missing earring lying there right in front of my eyes.

Great are the ways of Radharani, and how She fulfills the desires of devotees is the greatest bliss and grace on the faithful.

(by Bhavana Kuruksetra, Haryana)