Eluded I am
Walking in a mist,
Yearning for the nectar,
In her empty fist.
Barometer is set,
Who can compete?
With the ideal in heart.
Oh so pure and pristine.
Still I search hither,
In this barren desert,
Hoping against hope,
To quench my thirst.
My soles are sore,
In the scorching heat,
Quest burning in my heart,
Where is the Supreme
And the thought crossed my mind,
What if there He stands,
With His arms outstretched,
Inviting me back.
In His eternal sphere.
The scented air,
The melodious flute,
Why did I leave you … ?
And I drown in regret.
Suddenly I feel the cold palms,
Grabbing my neck …
Engulfing me in her mist…
Again In her empty fist…