Keep Up the Standard

Around June 1, 1974, I received a letter from Srila Prabhupada in which he wrote, "I have just received a copy of BTG 62, and I wish to express to you how pleased I am with the layout and design of the magazine. I have been especially admiring the pictures in the story of our Los Angeles center, and the way the pictures are placed and the use of the color throughout the magazine is very pleasing to me. … Try to keep up this present standard and think of new ways to make it always fresh and attractive."

As I went through BTG May/June '97, I couldn't help but reread that letter and think that seeing this issue Prabhupada would have also offered this praise to you.

Indra Pramada Dasa adhikari
San Diego, California, USA

Indra Pramada Dasa was the designer of Back to Godhead in the early and mid-seventies. Editor.

India First

Now that BTG is being printed in India, I think it is appopriate to recognize the actual center of the Krsna consciousness movement. The center is not North America. In the listing of centers around the world and in Every Town & Village, North America is listed first, then Europe, then Russia, and somewhere down there, India.

I think the order should be changed to indicate that India, the birthplace of Lord Caitanya, is the actual center of the Krsna consciousness movement. As the order stands now, it has unconsciously, I assume a taint of American national spirit.

Lalitanatha Dasa adhikari

OUR REPLY: We agree. The revised order India first starts with this issue.

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