Expanding the Chanting

My wife, Sima, and I are ISKCON life members very closely associated with the Laguna Beach temple. We had been hosting six congregational programs a year at our home. About six months ago we expanded the program in Orange County, from the Laguna Beach temple. Our objective is to spread the sankirtana movement in every corner of Orange County. Sankirtana means chanting of the holy names of the Lord. The chanting of the holy names of the Lord is so powerful that by this chanting even householders can very easily gain the ultimate result achieved by persons in the renounced order.

Hare Krsna.

Bikas Ghosh
Cerritos, California

Reading with Relish

Thank you to the editors of BTG for the glorious and very inspiring magazine. Without it I would be lost. For two and a half years I have been reading it with relish from cover to cover. Everything is so perfect just as Srila Prabhupada wanted it.

Ratnanabha Dasa
Whatton Notts, U.K.


I'm working as a registered nurse. I chant my sixteen rounds daily and read as much as I can. I always read BTG and IWR [ISKCON World Review] cover to cover. It gets lonely living away from a temple, so BTG and IWR help me feel connected.

Kanka Devi Dasi
Chico, California

Krsna Is Supreme

I have been enjoying Back to God-head for several years. I very much enjoy the series of articles entitled "The Glories of the Demigods." There are many people who read, recite, and memorize the scriptures like the Bhagavad-gita and ValmikiRamayana but somehow miraculously fail to understand the powerful message: Lord Visnu (Sri Krsna) is the Supreme God, the creator of all (including the demigods), and the ultimate conferrer of moksa, or liberation from the miserable cycle of birth and death. I read many times with interest the article "Is Back to Godhead an Offender?" in the Jan/Feb issue of BTG. I want to congratulate you on your beautiful and clear reply to the objections of the Federation of Hindu Associations (FHA) and express my complete agreement with you. Sri Krsna, the Supreme Lord, grants not only moksa (which He alone can) but all that is needed for a happy and peaceful life on earth. But as Lord Sri Krsna Himself says, it is a rare human being who realizes this: bahunam janmanam ante jnanavan mam prapadyate/ vasudevah sarvam iti sa mahatma sudurlabhah (Bhagavad-gita 7.19). I pray that Lord Sri Krsna will continue to bless ISKCON and all your endeavors.

Radha Rangarajan
Los Angeles, California

Godhead Is Light

Back to Godhead never fails to inspire me during those trying times when Maya seems to be on the attack and I seem to be groping in the darkness of ignorance. BTG always offers that ray of light, and for this I am so grateful.

As a university student, I find that BTG never fails to bring colour into our boring, routine lives.

Especially in the current South African context, where everything is so stressful, BTG gives us hope.

All through my academic career, I have been proud to show others copies of BTG, because I know that I will never be disappointed and always get positive results it's simply matchless, simply the best.

Thanks again for this wonderful magazine.

Bhakta Yashik
Durban, South Africa
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Krsna on the Net

The NetNews in the May/June BTG inspired me to sign up for a Netscape class at the local public library. Within an hour I was on the library's computer exploring the various Krsna conscious Web sites. I enjoyed it immensely. Two more hours passed very quickly as I saw transcendental art, Prabhupada photos, and Krsna conscious articles.

Bob Roberts
Commerce Township, Michigan


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In the July/August issue, we printed the wrong photo for a news story on page 46. The correct photo is shown below.

In that same issue, the Calendar Closeup on Srila Rupa Goswami, on page 18, said that he was born in Karnataka. In fact, although his family had originally come from there, he was born in Bengal.