Wonderful Experience

Recently I had the wonderful experience of reading all of last year's BTGs in one sitting. It is evident that Srila Prabhupada's mission is alive and well. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. I am sure Srila Prabhupada is pleased with all of you.

Kurma-rupa Dasa
Vrndavana, India

Good Reasons to Chant

Thank you very much for the editorial about all the good reasons to chant japa. That page was very helpful to me.

Sue Mendell
East Hartford, Connecticut

Blessings for Ravi

(To our columnist Ravi Gupta:) I am so highly impressed by your article "Dumping Tea" [BTG July/August] that I am compelled, rather inspired, to write to you and convey my blessings and best wishes. May you be blessed by Krsna to be utmost happy and healthy in your life. May you light the beacon for those who have lost their proper direction and tread an evil path. I am sure you are a brilliant son of your brilliant parents and will achieve Everest heights in your career and life.

Sarala Gupta
Chatsworth, California

[The writer is not a relative of the columnist.]

Exemplary Lifestyle

Thank you for the interview with Anuttama Prabhu [BTG May/June]. I was inspired by his dependence on Krsna and his exemplary lifestyle. He's providing a financially and emotionally healthy environment for his family as well as growing and guiding them in Krsna consciousness. In these days when devotees are rightfully confronting many social and economic issues, I welcome more articles showing success stories of inspiring role models. As always, thanks for your wonderful service of bringing us Back to Godhead.

Vijaya Devi Dasi
Mulberry, Tennessee

The Nectar of the Mahabharata

I wanted to thank you for giving us the nectar of Mahabharata as translated by the great transcendental scholar Hridayananda Dasa Goswami. It is very wonderful that after so many translations of this great work, Srila Prabhupada's disciple, strictly following his spiritual master's footsteps, has revealed the real, devotional mood of this scripture, which has been hidden in more mundane versions. Thank you also for your great service in keeping BTG alive, well, and flourishing.

Sripati Devi Dasi
New Talavan Farm, Mississippi

Reprehensible Populism

I write in response to recent letters and replies concerning the prevailing taste for popular music by members of the Hare Krsna movement. By endorsing this music, the movement obtains cheap publicity and, unfortunately, a cheap audience. It is therefore populism of the most reprehensible sort. The sankirtana movement of Caitanya Mahaprabhu is not subject to, and does not need, the endorsement of this class of men. By a look at the popular figures within the contemporary music scene, one can understand the nature and purpose of this music. It is clearly not in the mode of goodness; it is a particularly brutal manifestation of the Age of Kali. It is our mission to reject the evils of Western society and lead the conditioned souls away from them, not to entangle people further in the traps and snares of the material world.

Suryadasa Dasa
Moreton in Marsh, England


In the article "The Glory of India" (Sept./Oct '94, page 47), the names beneath the photos of Jayananda Dasa and Vedavyasa Dasa were switched. We regret the error.