Srinathaji Wins

The latest BTG issue [Nov/Dec] is for me the most impressive and beautiful one I ever held in my hand.

Nikhilananda Dasa
Heidelberg, Germany

The stories related to Sri Nathaji and Nathdwara and all the pilgrims were enlivening [Nov/Dec]. Your editorial on how the story unfolded was well presented. My congratulations.

It is always so nice to have BTG appear in the mailbox. Here in Africa, BTG connects us with the mainstream ISKCON. We are inspired with the variety in the articles and columns. One may or may not agree with all the regular contributors. But the fact that you have such a balanced blend of writers, contributing on such divergent topics, shows that the Hare Krishnas are intelligent people with good minds of their own.

Vidura Dasa
Kisumu, Kenya

The articles on Srinathaji were particularly good. But I was a bit disheartened that you gave more of a Vallabha perspective on the issue than that of the Gaudiyas and ISKCON is a Gaudiya institution.

For example, how can you talk about Vallabha without mentioning that he was Caitanya Mahaprabhu's dear friend, with whom the Lord ate lunch on several occasions? How can you not mention that he was initiated by Sri Gadadhara Pandita? Or that he was an incarnation of Sukadeva Gosvami? (See Kavikarnapura's Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika, Text 10). Sure the followers of Vallabha may not accept this stuff. But if we present it tastefully, as representatives of our tradition, I see no need to sweep it under the rug.

Satyaraja Dasa
Brooklyn, New York

We believe that our articles on Srinathaji and Sri Vallabhacarya were in line with the Gaudiya teachings (the teachings of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu and his followers). We welcomed the opportunity to tell of a devotional tradition so congenial to our own and to put aside needless sectarian concerns. The friendship between Lord Caitanya and Sri Vallabhacarya is accepted by the followers of both, and such friendship should continue between their followers. We see no need to pick quarrels with friends.

Vic Gives Shelter

It is so much fun to read the column by Bhakta Vic. When I saw in Letters that not everyone is as impressed, I felt the urge to express my appreciation for his work.

Young people have a natural tendency to explore life's opportunities by getting involved with different institutions. They often enter the military, become Deadheads, join fraternities and student associations, get a job, and the like. Krishna consciousness is dynamic and exciting when it is being practiced and preached. Traveling festival programs like the KrishnaFest, Padayatra, Boy George concerts, and Bhakta Vic's 108 are some nice examples of hope for the future of the Hare Krishna movement. Bhakta Vic presents Gaudiya Vaisnava philosophy with heartfelt enthusiasm and puts it in the language of his generation. My sincere gratitude to people like him for giving hope to today's searching souls the way Srila Prabhupada gave shelter to us.

Misra Bhagavan Dasa
Dallas, Texas

Grateful for BTG

I would like to give my heartfelt gratitude to all of you behind the superb BTG. Every time I receive an issue I look forward to the next. I get spiritual upliftment from every issue.

Matie Singh
Brooklyn, New York