Cite True Authority

Thank you, editors, for printing Bhava Dasa's letter [Sep./Oct.] in regards to Sri Rama Dasa's "Four Kinds of Parents" article (May/June '92). As a father of five children I appreciate BTG's commitment to Krsna conscious education of our children.

In Bhava Dasa's letter he made several valid points. One was his objection to Sri Rama's reference to two "karmi" university studies (almost exclusively) to confirm his view. This is not to say that his points of contention had no validity (many did), only that bar charts from this university or that study don't necessarily help to verify them.

In his reply to Bhava Dasa, Sri Rama has quoted the Srimad-Bhagavatam and referred to Srila Prabhupada and Canakya Pandita to verify his points of contention. This is true authority, confirmation, and verification. If these references were used in the article instead of university bar charts, etc., perhaps Bhava Dasa wouldn't have felt such great sadness when he read it.

Guttiea Rensselaer,
New York

Krsna Clubs

I am very impressed with the new BTGs. Although they don't have as many color pictures, they have more in-depth matter about Krsna consciousness, which is more important.

I especially enjoyed reading the article entitled "Bhakti Yoga at School." Jahnavi's devotion to Krsna and her enthusiasm to preach the holy name have encouraged me to do the same. I am hoping to start a Bhagavad-gita club in my school with the help of one of my friends.

I have already started a club at my high school called S.A.A.V.E. Students Against Animal Violence Everywhere. I feel that as a devotee of Krsna it is my duty to protect or at least attempt to protect His creation.

I would like to encourage all teenagers to also start a Krsna conscious club in their high school. Don't be afraid or embarrassed. I was at first, but just let Krsna take control and watch what happens!

Sangeeta Kumar
Toronto, Canada

Clarify Wife's Role

I would like to comment on the article by Mulaprakriti Devi Dasi and Visakha Devi Dasi [July/August]. Knowing them both as very strong and independently capable persons, I'm glad to see such spiritual understandings being expressed.

What worries me, though, is that many unscrupulous men misinterpret the concept of the wife fulfilling all the "material desires" of the husband. It should be clear that this does not include physical or psychological abuse. An innocent service attitude is never meant to be exploited for sense gratification.

Kavicandra Swami
Tokyo, Japan


I received the Oct./Nov. BTG, and I am sorry to say I was very disappointed. I'm curious to know how many devotees in this movement are disappointed with BTG. My basic complaint is that it is not dynamic or exciting enough to attract people to ISKCON as much as it should. I would like to distribute BTG, but not as it is now.

Vivasvan Dasa
Tampa, Florida

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