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The tone of BTG is a problem that should be investigated. You are now publishing a magazine with clearly different voices that can range from folksy to aggressive, scholarly to pedestrian. It is not a good publishing practice.

Bhakta Nicholas Parkhurst 
Boston, Massachusetts

* * *

Back to Godhead could be improved by allowing individual style to survive your editors. It often seems that every article was written by the same person.

Urmila-devi dasi 
Detroit, Michigan

* * *

Back to Godhead is a brilliant magazine, and just by reading it, I feel inspired in my own spiritual life. The articles are full of real spiritual knowledge. I also very much enjoy the articles "Coming to Krsna," telling how people have come to Krsna consciousness. It's nice, too, when you show Hare Krsna centers from around the world.

Priya Sihra 
Gillingham, England

* * *

Who authorizes the mundane articles in BTG, like the photo article of people gambling, smoking, and drinking? I'm shocked. You give six pages to these sinful photographs and two or three inches of Srimad-Bhagavatam purports to go with them. What do you think people will remember—the pictures or the writing? Photos of sinful activities encourage more sin, no matter what you write.

Vivasvan dasa 
Gainesville, Florida

* * *

Visakha-devi dasi's photo articles are always one of my favorite features of BTG. I strongly disagree that they are mundane! With the nice quotes from Prabhupada's books, they become great preaching tools, helping us see Krsna everywhere, and they also show us Prabhupada's view of the slaughterhouse civilization of the West. I really think Prabhupada would approve of her work.

Bob Roberts 
Union Lake, Michigan