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I found Notes from the Editor: "What Are the Choices?" [19.5] to be a short but accurate analysis of the true meaning of civic and patriotic duty. Personally, I found this article especially applicable to West Africa and to my country, Nigeria. The thirst for power is so great that a country may change governments four times a year, and yet none of the leaders follow the laws laid down by God. The Krsna consciousness movement is an ideal example for people all over the world because it is giving knowledge of God and of how to love God.

R. Adewale Makusota
Lagos, Nigeria

* * *

Thank you for sending me free copies of BACK TO GODHEAD. I have truly enjoyed these knowledge-filled samples, and I am therefore enclosing a check for a one-year subscription. Your movement is always a source of inspiration to me.

Devendra Jessram Singh
San Diego

* * *

I have just gone through BACK TO GODHEAD Vol. 19, No. 9, and as I went through the magazine beginning with Srila Prabhupada's lecture, which was No. 9. and feel compelled to congratulate you on what a fine issue it is. The cover photo is a real winner so succinct with specific instructions I found it very stimulating.

"The Natural Spirit" was, in my opinion, the best that Suresvara dasa has done, because it is so interesting to hear how devotees joined the Hare Krsna movement. This is a great puzzle to public leaders, educators, parents, and so on. Even the Indians are perplexed. So, this is a very interesting story.

The article "How He Creates" deals with a topic that is of intense interest to people in this part of the world. They are dissatisfied with the Biblical story of creation, and they come to us for explanations. This article is so lucid that I feel moved to reprint it and distribute it, or even to try to get it published in a newspaper here.

The articles in The Vedic Observer are all very skillfully written. The drawings enhance the commentary. I also like the masthead; it gives it a kind of newspaper appearance. In fact, the title suggests a newspaper: The Vedic Observer.

Srila Prabhupada Speaks Out is one of the simplest and yet heaviest discussions Srila Prabhupada has given. He destroys all of modern science in a few sentences.

"The Death of My Father" is a powerful article. It's a real-life experience, and the photo is first class. This article shows that Krsna devotees do not alienate themselves from their parents. This is just the kind of material we need to counteract fanatic criticisms against us.

The article on gurukula is of particular interest, because even as far away as here in Africa there is publicity given to the growing problem of sexual abuse of children in America. This is causing great concern parents and teachers having sex with pre-adolescents. This article was so inspiring that my mother wrote to tell me how much she liked it. She had previously read in Time about all the despicable things being done to children. So I am very glad to see how in our timeless magazine, people can read how children are being elevated.

Notes from the Editor is also interesting. It weaves in outside sources to support the point, and I think that enhances the article. As usual, the recipe section is first class.

On the whole, this magazine is a very nice presentation of Krsna consciousness, and anyone who reads it will be impressed.

Brahmananda Swami 
Accra, Ghana