I just went through “An Intellect Discovers its Perfection,” (BTG July 2010) and found it one of the best articles ever. I am not a big reader, but I went through this article thrice, as it was really touching and inspiring.

The author’s childhood memories, parents’ concern, coming to Krsna consciousness, and finally dedicating his entire life all this was narrated so beautifully in a language that is lucid but very powerful. (Radha Vrndavancandra Dasa)

Seeing Krsna

How can I see Lord Krsna? (Preeti)

Our reply: The scriptures say that the price to see Krsna is simply our intense desire to see Him. We have to be eager to advance to a high level of purity, which can be achieved only by the grace of the spiritual master. If we serve the spiritual master, then we become a candidate for seeing Krsna. Spiritual life is not cheap. We have to practice sincerely, with great determination. Therefore in the Krsna consciousness movement we have a regulated life of chanting and hearing about Krsna, refraining from forbidden activities, and serving Krsna and guru. These things will purify us, and then Krsna will be pleased to have us back in His association. It is said that we shouldn’t try to see God but should act in such a way that He will want to see us. Bhakti is what attracts Him, so keep steadily engaged in His service and glorify Him always.

Humanitarian Services

It’s true that social service is temporary, but some social service is essential for devotional service. Why are there some ISKCON schools and Bhaktivedanta Hospital to serve the affected? What are other humanitarian services run by ISKCON? (Upkar)

Our reply: Humanitarian work is only helpful in the bigger picture of life if the ultimate goal is to bring people closer to Krsna. Bhaktivedanta Hospital helps people materially, but also spiritually. The form of Srila Prabhupada sits in the front hall, and doctors not only provide medical treatment, but they also offer prasada. Spiritual guidance is also offered in the hospital. It is a combination of spiritual and material welfare.

ISKCON schools are meant to offer both spiritual and material education so that students are trained to function well in both material and spiritual environments. ISKCON has programs for the free distribution of food, but the food is prasada, so this “humanitarian” service provides both spiritual and material assistance. Devotees also assist other devotees with material aspects of their lives, as well as offering spiritual support and guidance. Both types of aid to devotees are considered devotional service.

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