Clever Writing

I went through your column and was impressed by the replies given to the readers queries. “Orkuting with Krishna” was nice to read. The writer has used the idiom of internet to clarify many things. It is clever writing adopting the language of an internet savvy person to make one realize the importance of following the steps to come to Godhead. (Aravind Rajesh N, Chennai)

Full of Devotion

I am thankful to BTG for this wonderful Sri Krishna Bhakti magazine, which brings closer all the devotees. I truly experienced it in the March issue in the column, In Your Own Words  “What would you like to thank God for?” The idea of this column was commendable, and the replies were something that would be similar to ours.

I also support the views of Murari Gupta Dasa in the column “Debt and Death the Policies of Errors.” But there has to be a macro view on the whole scenario of ecology with coordination required from all the authorities and departments.

I enjoy reading Back to Godhead and Bhagavad Darshan and will be happy if everyone can understand Srila Prabhupada’s teachings and apply them in their lives. (Sidharth Panwar)

Suggestion Acknowledged

Firstly, I would like appreciate the great work all the devotees at the BTG India office are doing by publishing wonderful, mature articles. I have a small suggestion to make. I have been a regular reader of BTG for years, but off late I have noticed that the column “Srila Prabhupada Speaks Out” is changed to “Founder’s Views.” I see the term “Founder” sounds like any other human who created an institution like, say, “Founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.” If we can rename the column as “Founder Acharya’s Views,” it would be very appropriate, majestic, and more eloquent to the outside world. (Visala Gauranga Dasa)

Our Reply: Thanks for straightening us out. Please see the new title on the next page.

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