The Charm Of the Uncharming 

Why does this world look charming to everyone when it isn't actually charming? 
(Mukesh Singh )
Our Reply: Krsna has created the material world for a dual purpose: (1) to allow living entities to enjoy without a direct relationship with Krsna, and (2) to show them that such independent enjoyment wal never satisfy them. Therefore it must appear charming and at the same time not be charming. The material world is meant to attract people who do not want to serve the all-attractive person behind it. It is called maya, or "that which is not." According to Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.1.1), even great sages and demigods are deluded by it. Krsna describes in the Bhagavad-Gita (7.14) that the delusion is very difficult to overcome and only those who surrender to Him can easay cross beyond it. It is meant to bewader the ath eistic, but if you follow Krsna's instructions in the Bhagavad-gita, you wiil not be bewadered by it, and then you can help others. 
Proof for Scientists:
I was speaking with a scientist friend who believes only what she can measure with her instruments. She refuses to believe in any proof of the existence of God, Krsna. Can you give any direction so that I may engage her correctly in my explanation of the science of Krsna consciousness? 
(Bruce Gatten)
Our Reply: Most scientists don't have the time, knowledge, or instruments to replicate the experiments of other scientists and perceive the results through their own senses. They get their "proof' by accepting the conclusions of other scientists. In other words, they don't in fact believe only what they themselves perceive; they accept what others tell them. Besides, spiritual facts are also perceivable. There is a spiritual science of consciousness described in the ancient Vedic literature of India. By practicing bhaktiyoga, we can perceive the Supreme Lord through our own senses. People have done this, and they teach how it can be done.   You cannot see an electron, but you rely on the experiments of others, who have detected them. Similarly, you cannot see God, but by relying on a self realized soul, who can see God because he knows the process to do so and has followed it, you can know that God exists and know the process to personally experience Him. This is human life's special opportunity. If you do not take advantage of it, you are missing the most important knowledge-knowledge of consciousness and life itself. 
Troubled: I want to know why trouble keeps coming my way. 
Our Reply: Krsna explains that the material world is characterized by suffering and temporality (Bhagavad-gita 8.15 and 9.33) and thus trouble is to be expected. We get misery from past sinful acts and happiness from past pious acts, and most people have a mixture of both. Devotional service to the Supreme Lord is so powerful, however, that as a side effect it reduces misery, even when performed in the practicing stage. Thus by engaging in devotional  service, beginning with chanting the holy name of the Lord, you can reduce your miserable condition. When one attains love of God, miseries are fully eradicated, even in this world, or when one is promoted to the king dom of God. Replies to the questions were written by Krsna-krpa Dasa.