In the essay, "At work with Krsna",(Feb. 2006) the author explains so many ways so that women devotees will not be contaminated by the influence of maya. But doesn't she remember even before 5000 years ago, men tried to explo it pure women devotees like Draupadi So, why our lady devotees should take such a risk, mixing with all the contaminated male members of the present day society. Women devotees like Draupadi, Kunti and even Gandhari, Anasuya became famous by their chastity and devotion. Why BTG should not publish articles like how women can raise Krsna conscious children instead of these kinds of articles? There are so many beautiful instructions for women by Anasuya which she explains to Sita Devi in Ramayana. Why BTG should not publish them? I am unhappy that BTG, which is supposed to convey to the society the desire of Srila Prabhupada publishes articles which differs from his opinion. Akincana Krsna Dasa Vellore, Tamil Nadu
OUR REPLY : Your views correctly describe the ideal situation of women, but the current situation in Kaliyuga is anything but ideal. In emergency conditions the roles of members of varnasrama may change. Instead of passing a blanket decision on duties of people, the choice may be judicially left to the individual's discretion. The best we can do is to help, guide, and offer practical suggestions on how to devote one's propensities in service of the Lord. A loving, caring, and friendly attitude can inspire more than a dictatorial approach. Srila Prabh upada accomadated people from all walks of life, without discriminating on their background. All it needs to succeed in Kpl).a concisouness is to sincerely, humbly serve the Lord and the devotees, and chant Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Anyone from any profession can do it.
I am a life member of ISKCON and an indepth reader of Back To Godhead. After reading the latest issue of the publication, I have great pleasure in recording the following: The piece "At Work with Krsna" published in "Back to Godhead" of February 2006 is highly inspiring. All the suggestions are worth emulating. My sincere thanks to the author Pranada Devi Dasi. I was enthused to send photocopies of the article to several of my friends and relatives so that we all imbibe these qualities to serve Krsna better. Salutations to all of you for doing a wonderful job by publishing such highly motivating articles.
M. R. Virmani
New Delhi
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