Krsna Loves Cows

Why does Krsna love cows? (Ravinder Singh)

Our Reply: Just as an ordinary human being may' have affection for certain animals, so does Krsna. He is the supreme person, and he cakes great pleasure playing the role of a cowherd boy. His affection for the cows is part of his eternal transcendental personality.

Fearless, Yet Practical
Please enlighten me as to the meaning of the word "safety" in Bhagavad-gita 2,45. Krsna says that one should be free from all anxieties for gain and safety. How does one walk down the street, or cross a busy intersection, or even drive a car without iJcing anxiolls for one's safety? Especially these day when one is afraid there may be a terrorist on every street corner. And how does a brave soldier, whether on the battlefield (as Arjuna) or in modern-day Iraq or even in a bad neighborhood, become fearless. yet practical, knowing there is "danger at every step"! (Bruce Gatten)
Our Reply: We may make practical arrangements for our safety. but we should not be anxious about Our safety because as souls we know we can never be destroyed and as devotees we know chat Krsna will protect us.

Highly advanced devotees have such confidence in Krsna's protection that they do not bother to protect themselves. That was true of Prahlada Maharaja, whom the Lord protected from at least five attempts on his life by his father and his father's associates. It was also true of Ambarisa Maharaja , whom the Lord, using his own disc weapon, protected from the fiery demon created by Durvasa Muni. such advanced spiritual states are attained by constanr ly e ngaging in rh e Lout's service.
The Power of Chanting
Controlling the mind is next to impossible. I am chanting Hare Krsna as you advise, but in vain, as there is no change in my mind. (Samra, Roy)
Our Reply: You may think that there is no change in your mind, but in fact the mind becomes purified by the sound of the holy name. sometimes especially in the beginning, the mind objects to being controlled and actually causes more trouble than usual. But in the long run it cools out, and the end result is that the holy name pacifies the mind. When we begin to clean a room. we stir up the dust, and it appears more dirty. But as we remove the dust. it becomes
So be patient and go on with the chanting, and you will see that your mind becomes peaceful. Consider that the mind has raged uncontrolled for millions of births, so it takes a little time to control it. But by the grace of the holy name it can be done within one lifetime. and even sooner if we are very sincere. Try always to pay attention to the sound. no matter how hard it is or how successful successul you may or mal' not be. JUst by' making the attempt to concentrate, you are becoming succesful.
Supreme Power Defined
what do you mean by "supreme power"? Pleaseexplain in a way chat I can imagine it. (Kamlesh)
Our Reply: Generally' we think of nature as being all-powerful. For example, who can Stop the winds of a hurricane, the erupting of a volcano, or the movement of an earthquake! But in reality, Krsna, or God. is in control of the laws of nature, so his power is supreme. He can create universes, maintain them, and destroy them in due course.