Desperate for BTG

Every month, I eagerly anticipate BTG. However, the October 2013 issue was very special to me because of two articles: Caitanya Carana Prabhu's "SHARE your story," and Mahatma Prabhu's poem "I Was Shocked!"

While reading the article, I remembered my early days in Krishna consciousness and realized how Lord Krishna helped me at every step. I could feel Lord Krishna's hand in my life. All these remembrances made me very happy. The contents of this article are true for me and I'm sure, for everyone else too. The poem by Mahatma Prabhu too brought out truth in a very heart-touching manner.

I want to express my gratitude to Srila Prabhupada that he has given us so many scholar saints who are guiding me at every step in my devotional life. I only wish that I become humble before these devotees. – Sapta Rathi Bakshi

Killing Mosquitoes and Cockroaches

Do I become a cockroach or mosquito in my next life if I kill either of them in defense?

Our reply: We don't experience a reaction to our actions committed in defense. Even in state law, killing of a human being is seen in a different light and pardoned if proved to be done only in self-defense. Scriptures mention six types of aggressors, who can be killed without incurring a sin. However, a small pest like a mosquito or cockroach can hardly be said to be an aggressor. Consequently we should be very careful to avoid killing unless totally unavoidable.

Talking specifically of pests as mentioned by you, we should try to avoid the situation being discussed by maintaining high standards of cleanliness so that such pests do not find shelter near us. We follow the principle of mercy not just by not killing a living being but also by arranging an environment where such killing does not take place at all.

Dinosaurs in Vedas

Did dinosaurs exist according to Vedic scriptures?

Our reply: The Vedic scriptures do not directly mention about dinosaurs but make a reference to similar huge living beings, like giant eagles, timingila fish, giant lizards etc. One can infer that the existence of giant creatures is not denied in the Vedic understanding. There are two important points worth our consideration. First, the use of the word "did" in your question indicates that they existed in the past. As per the Vedic understanding, species do not become extinct; all species continue to exist at all times. Srila Prabhupada, in his conversations related to this point, would emphasize the fact that man has not yet explored the whole planet yet. We still see how scientists continue to discover new species of life in different parts of the planet. There are many areas on earth where man has not yet reached.

The Vedas talk about life taking the whole universe into consideration, not just the earth. Even if we argue that man has conquered and explored all areas of earth, we are yet to explore the unlimited universe. The dinosaurs may not be seen on earth, but they may exist in some other planet of the universe.

Replies were written by Live Help volunteers.

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