Drop the Science

In regards to Sadaputa Dasa's "Challenges Facing Science and Religion" [March/April]: In his thirteen-page commentary on mundane materialistic scientists' theories, opinions, and speculations, there were perhaps only two paragraphs directly speaking of Krsna consciousness. Who needs these atheistic mundane materialists, with their prejudiced guesswork, to verify their faith? (Not to mention that this so-called science is tasteless, unappealing, boring, mundane, and dry.) Krsna's creation is amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and incomprehensible. To break it down into little boxes or mathematical formulas is folly. Please stick to pictures of Krsna, stories of Krsna, devotee stories, etc. Mundane material science is not needed to verify Krsna!

Gutai Jevons
Rensselaer, NY

Scientists, Not Sentimentalists

I would like to thank you for publishing Sadaputa Dasa's article "Challenges Facing Science and Religion." At present the concept of God is not intellectually respectable, and it is our job to make it so. We have much work to do in this area, and Sadaputa's work is a great step in that direction.

I was reminded of a statement by Srila Prabhupada I'd read recently, in which he expressed his appreciation for the work of his scientist disciples: "The Bhaktivedanta Institute is doing something for the benefit of modern science. It is not an ordinary thing. Discuss like scientists, not like sentimentalists. It will grow more and develop." (Oct. 27, 1977)

Sadaputa offered a brief historical overview showing how modern science has divorced itself from the concept that a transcendental person, Krsna, controls nature on a grander scale. He also showed that Krsna acts within history and deals with people on an individual level. And he pointed out the shortcomings of science and the many areas where science can broaden its scope to more accurately describe the world we live in. There is more to life than meets the eye.

Please keep up the good work in broadcasting the science of God for the benefit of all the people of the world.

Vipralambha Dasa
New York City

Earthquake Lesson

Regarding the Gujarat earthquake and its repercussions: Is this another lila of the Lord to teach the population of India to wake up from illusion and walk towards reality in life and go back to Godhead?

Hare Krishna Mani
Via the Internet

OUR REPLY: Everything is under the Lord's control, so earthquakes don't happen without His permission. We can't know exactly why Krsna does a specific thing, but we do know in principle that He sends sufferings like earthquakes to try to get people to realize the folly of material life and turn to Him.

No Mystic Powers?

Your magazine is the best God conscious magazine I have ever read. Hence I have subscribed to it for two years, in spite of protests from my parents. One question my parents ask is, Why do devotees in ISKCON not have mystic powers like yogis and gurus in India?

Via the Internet

OUR REPLY: Devotees don't want mystic powers. We are followers of the Gita, and Lord Krsna never says that we should try for mystic powers. You get what you work for, and working for mystic powers is a waste of time. The goal of life is love of God, so that we can return to Him. Mystic powers won't help us; rather, they will distract us from our real business: awakening our love of God.

Draupadi's Identity

In the article "Draupadi: Emblem of Surrender" [January/February], Satyaraja Dasa writes that Draupadi is an expansion of Goddess Laksmi. That is incorrect. Goddess Laksmi is the eternal consort of Lord Visnu. Draupadi appeared from Agni (Fire).

Rajesh Jaiswal
Via the Internet

Satyaraja Dasa REPLIES: Arjuna is also an eternal associate of Krsna, yet he appears in the form of Ramananda Raya in Caitanya lila. Ramananda Raya is also an incarnation of Visakha. These things are difficult to understand, and these personalities are not subject to the same limitations we are. In fact, because they are the Lord's eternal associates, they are beyond ordinary limitations. Therefore, there is no reason why Laksmi can't have several relationships with Krsna. And she can appear from fire or in any other way she chooses.

Inspired by Journey

I was really thrilled to go through the story of the spiritual yet dangerous journey by Dhruva Dasa to the nine forms of Lord Narsimha in South India [January/February]. This article has really inspired me and reinforced my conviction that whenever you leave everything to Lord Krsna with true and full faith, He always comes to help you. Please convey my heartiest congratulations to the author for his successful maiden trip to nine forms of Lord Narsimha a rare opportunity in life.

Sanjeev Sharma
New Shimla,
Himachal Pradesh, India

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In the article about Parasurama Kunda in the last issue, the sage Agastya was mistakenly identified as Atri in connection with the history of the Vindhya Hills.