Sri Radhe

While Krsna was living at Dwaraka. He sent a message to the gopis. His cowherd girlfriends in Vrndavana, who were always lamenting in separation from Him. The message was delivered by Krsna's cousin Uddhava. because Krsna wanted Uddhava to witness the pinnacle of Krsna consciousness in the gopis' expressions of love for Him.

When Uddhava met with the gopis in a secluded place. Srimati Radharani. Krsna's favorite gopi, became so absorbed in thoughts of Him that She began talking with a bumblebee as if he were Krsna's messenger.

"Your master Krsna is exactly of your quality." Srimati Radharani said. "You sit down on a flower, and after taking a little honey you immediately fly away and sit in another flower and taste. Krsna only once gave Me the chance to enjoy with Him. but now He has left Me altogether."

Radharani's talks in separation from Krsna are symptoms of the highest transcendental ecstasy, called maha-bhava, which is possible only in the persons of Radharani and Her associates. In Radharani are found the signs of the brightest jewel of love of God.

On seeing how Radharani and the other gopis were accustomed to think of Krsna constantly in the topmost ecstasy of love, Uddhava told them. "My dear gopis, the mentality you have developed in relationship with Krsna is very, very difficult to attain, even for great sages and saintly persons, You have attained the highest perfectional stage of life. It is a great boon for you that you have fixed your minds upon Krsna and have decided to have Krsna only. Because your minds are now fully absorbed in Krsna, the Supreme Soul, universal love has automatically developed in you. I think myself very fortunate that I have been favored, by your grace, to see you in this situation."

Uddhava then read Krsna's message: "My dear gopis, please know that separation between ourselves is impossible at any time, at any place, or under any circumstances, because I am all-pervading. Transcendental knowledge of the Absolute is no longer necessary for you. You were accustomed to love Me from the very beginning of your lives. My dear gopis, to increase your superexcellent love for Me. I have purposely separated Myself from you so that you may be in constant meditation on Me."