Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and His elder brother, Balarama, enjoy transcendental pastimes in the forests and groves of Vrndavana. Though Balarama, being Krsna's first expansion, possesses the same unlimited opulences as Krsna, He naturally desires to please Krsna by serving His lotus feet. Balarama thus sets the example for everyone to follow. Indeed, Balarama is the source of the sentiment of servitude to Lord Krsna. In the material world, although materialists want to compete with God, they are forced to serve God indirectly: they must submit to Krsna's powerful material energy. The more we forget the service of Krsna, the more we suffer in material existence. When we develop pure Krsna consciousness by thinking ourselves servants of Krsna, we immediately awaken our eternal relationship with Him and gain entrance into His ever-blissful abode. Attaining this goal is the ultimate achievement of human life.

Notes from the Editor