Modern fictions and novels of the world occupy a greater part of people’s valuable time. Such literatures cannot do good to anyone; on the contrary, they agitate the young mind unnecessarily and increase the modes of passion and ignorance, leading to increasing bondage to the material conditions. The same aptitude for hearing and reading is better utilized in hearing and reading of the Lord’s activities. This will give one all-around benefit. The Lord’s holy name is called Shravana-mangala. This means that one receives everything auspicious simply by hearing the holy name. It is a pious act simply to chant and hear all about the Lord. The Lord descends on this earth and acts like others in connection with the activities of the world just to create subject matters for hearing about Him. The Vedas and Puranas are full of descriptions of His different activities so that people in general may naturally be eager to hear and read something about His activities.The holy name of the Lord and topics in relation with Him are always worth hearing. – Srila Prabhupada (Bhagavatam 2.7.15, purport)