"This birth of you and I
is just a footstep 
along the way.

So it is with this child before me,
who is hearing Hare Krishna, Hare Rama.
It will not go in vain
it will act,
because it is spiritual
not material

Just see what a nice thing it is….
he tried to take the cymbals from his mother's hands….
he wanted to play….
he tried to dance….
so he just sat and beat his tow tiny hands together and gurgled,
applauding Krishna in his fashion,
as we chanted Hare Krishna, Hare Rama.

It is such a nice thing,
how it delights the children,
and what to speak of you and me?"

Brahmananda Das Brahmacary
(Bruce Scharf)
(Rendered from Swami Bhaktivedanta's lecture)