From it's very beginning, the International Society for Krishna Conciousness has been active in helping young people from becoming free from drug abuse. Through a well structured program including a Vegetarian diet, yoga techniques, and meditation on the Hare Krsna mantra, ISKCON has succeeded in giving thousands of young people the self-confidence and inner satisfaction that enable them to willingly reject all forms of intoxication. Here are a few of the many appreciations ISKCON has received for its work.

"Krishna consciousness is close to 100% successful in stopping drug use among those who voluntarily enter the program" Addictions Magazine, Washington, D.C, Area Council on Alchoholism & Drug Abuse, Inc.

"Mayor Lindsay is most appreciative of the work that your Society is doing, especially in the realm of combating drug addtiction" Woody Klein, Press Secretary, Office of the Mayor, City of New York.

"The combination of our medical care and the spiritual care from the Hare Krsna philosophy has resulted in a very powerful tool indeed for the treatment of drug addiction, and for this we are very greatful" Fraser McDonald, Medical Superintendent, Carrington Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand.

"You have done good work in establishing a workable alternative to the problem of drug addiction and alienation." Morris Jeff, New Orleans Welfare Director.