ISKCON 50th Celebrations

 James cook, Vasco da Gama, Christopher Columbus and Francisco Pizarro are names of few famous European sailors who marked their names in the history of the world for undertaking life -threatening sailing expeditions in the exploration of world. Although the initial impulse behind these expeditions were trade and capitalism, it further lead to rise of colonial empires, transfer of animals, foods, human populations (including slaves), communicable diseases around the world. In the 20th century many wars were fought and countless people sacrificed their lives for breaking free of bonds brought by colonization in order to achieve independence. What started with an adventurous endeavor ended with bloody affair since it was based on lust and greed for power.

On August 13, 1965, a person in India started his sail across oceans on a mission.He had neither manpower to sail along nor artillery to fight a war, but only a bag full books and door of all uncertainties left ajar. At 70 and with just 40 rupees in hand, he traveled because his guru had order him to go. Sea-sickness, nausea and heart attacks could not shake his determination, for he only begged to be a doll in the hands of God, instrument of his compassion. He got down the ship on Boston harbor, alone in a word of unknown faces and culture. Sitting under a tree in a park, he started his mission by singing the names of God. Intoxicated hippies joined, their spark of love of God being ignited. Soon the spark become fire, and within a few years, hordes of devotees were traveling across the world, singing and dancing, dressed in Vaisnava attire. Temples, farms, gurukulas, Rathyatras everything became a reality. Sanctified food and devotional books were distributed to dissipate hunger and ignorance, and the names of Lord Krishna were being heard in every town and village all over the world. He was Srila Prabhupada, the most prominent emissary of Indian spiritual culture across the world. August 13 marks the 50th anniversary of the historic event of his boarding the ship Jaladuta at Kolkata to go to the West for spreading this sublime message of India across the western world. He said, "I have made a home in which the whole world can stay."