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Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Caitanya Mahaprabhu

The Supreme Lord, the Absolute Truth, is all-spiritual, and therefore His name, fame, qualities and pastimes are all nondifferent from Him. The holy name of the Lord is the Lord Himself, and this can be understood by spiritual realization. By chanting the holy names of the Lord, which are innumerable, one can actually personally associate with the Lord, and by such constant spiritual association with the all-spiritual Lord, one can become spiritually self-realized. The chanting of the holy names Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare is especially suitable for the souls of this fallen age, when life is short and people are slow to understand the importance of spiritual realization, prone to be misguided by false leadership, unfortunate in every respect, and continuously afflicted by material problems and anxieties. One can be freed from all such troubles simply by chanting and glorifying the holy name, fame, qualities and pastimes of the Lord.

The Krsna consciousness movement has been started by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada to introduce this universal process. The holy names of the Lord are as powerful as the Lord Himself, and there are no hard and fast rules for chanting these holy names. At any time, at any stage of life and in any part of the world, anyone can freely chant the holy name of the Lord and thus make progress on the path back home, back to Godhead.

International Society For Krishna
Consciousness Centers Around The World


Nairobi Kenya c/o ISKCON, P. O. Box 28946 (E. Africa)


Atlanta Georgia 24 NE 13th St./ (404) 892-9386

Austin Texas 9714 Dallum/ (512) 837-0085

Bloomington Indiana 1130 W. 6th St., Bloomington 47401

Boston Massachusetts 40 N. Beacon St./ (617) 254-7910

Buffalo New York 132 Bidwell Pkwy./ (716) 882-0281

Chicago Illinois 1014 Emerson, Evanston/ (312) 864-1343

E. Cleveland Ohio 15720 Euclid Avenue/ (216) 451-0418

Dallas Texas 5430 Gurley Street/ (214) 827-6330

Denver Colorado 1400 Cherry Street/ (303) 322-6661

Detroit Michigan 8311 E. Jefferson Avenue/ (313) 824-6000

Honolulu Hawaii 2016 McKinley Street/ (808) 949-9022

Houston Texas 707 Hawthorne

Laguna Beach California 641 Ramona Avenue/ (714) 497-1305

Los Angeles California 3764 Watseka Ave./ (213) 871-0717

Mexico City Mexico Gobernador Tiburcio No. 45, Col. San Miguel/ (905) 515-4242

Miami Florida 363 N.W. 4th St. Miami 33128/ (305) 377-2191

Montreal Quebec 3720 Park Avenue Canada/ (514) 849-4319

New Orleans Louisiana 2936 S. Esplanade/ (504) 482-6406

New Vrndavana W. Virginia RD 3, Moundsville/ (304) 845-2790

New York City New York 439 Henry St., Brooklyn/ (212) 596-9658

Philadelphia Pennsylvania 641 E. Chelton Avenue/ (215) 849-1767

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 5135 Ellsworth Ave./ (412) 683-7700

Portland Oregon 2507 NE Stanton Street/ (714) 291-7778

St. Louis Missouri 4544 Laclede Ave./ (314) 367-1354

San Diego California 3300 3rd Ave./ (714) 291-7778

San Francisco California 455 Valencia St./ (415) 864-9233

Seattle Washington 400 18th Avenue East/ (206) 329-9348

Toronto Ontario 187 Gerrard St. East, Canada/ (416) 922-5415

Vancouver British Columbia 1786 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver-9, Canada (604) 732-8422

Washington D.C. 2015 "Q" Street NW/ (202) 667-3516


Calcutta India 3 Albert Road/ 44-3757

Delhi India Cottage Street No. 9, Gurugreh, West Patel Nagar

Hare Krsna Land India ISKCON, Nairwadi, Gandhi Gram Rd., Juhu, Bombay 54

Jakarta Indonesia P.O. Box 2640

Manila Philippines 179 Ortega Street, San Juan Rizal

Mayapur India ISKCON International Center, P.O. Sree Mayapur Dham, W. Bengal (District Nadia)

Tokyo Japan 5-12-2 Ban-cho Chi yoda-ku

Vrndavana India ISKCON, Radha-DamodaraTemple, Seva Kunj, Vrndavana, Dist. Mathura, U.P.

Vrndavana India ISKCON, Raman Reti, Mathura, U.P.


Adelaide Australia 1 Rossington Ave., Myrtlebank, S.A.

Auckland New Zealand 67 Gribblehurst Rd., Mt. Albert/ 668-666

Brisbane Australia 19 Douglas St., Milton, Queensland 4064

Melbourne Australia 14 Burnett St., Victoria

Sydney Australia 83 Hereford St., Glebe, N.S.W./ 660-7159


Amsterdam Holland Bethaneinstraat 39, (C) 020-3502607

Berlin Germany 1 Berlin-69, Nord Bahnstr. 3

Edinburgh Scotland 14 Forest Road

Geneva Switzerland 9, Chemin du Credo, 1213 Petit Lancy

Hamburg W. Germany 2 Hamburg 54, Kapitalbushweg 20/ 570-53-82

Heidelberg W. Germany 69 Heidelberg 1, Karlsruherstrasse 31354

London England 7 Bury Place/ (01) 242-0394

Lyon France 4, rue Sala

Munich Germany 8 Munchen 40, Josephsplatz 4

Paris France 26 bis, Rue d'Estienne d'Ovres, 92 Fontenay-aux Roses