What do you do to give Krishna consciousness in your workplace?

In the 1970s I lived the life of a preaching mendicant in Srila Prabhupada’s service. Since 1980 I have been an orthopedic surgeon. Seeing all living beings as parts of Krishna, I always try to inject spiritual reality and hope into my interactions with patients. When possible, I give out the Bhagavad-gita As It Is and invite patients to the temple, where I often give discourses in Krishna consciousness. as a result, a number of my patients and their children have become initiated devotees.- Pusta Krishna Dasa Santa Cruz, California, USA

I work in a highstress real-estate business,

where I attract a lot of attention by singing the maha-mantra to relieve my stress. When someone asks, “What’s that song?” I reply that it’s a mantra that takes away all the bad and brings only good, inspiring some of my coworkers to write down the words and sing them quietly.

Those who accompany me for exercise during lunchtime also inevitably see me chanting on my beads. I tell them about my sixteen rounds, and that usually starts a spiritual discussion.

finally, both my office voice mail and my cell phone have the greeting “Hare Krishna, you have reached Krishnapria Kashyap.” Having known me for so long, my coworkers sometimes leave a message starting with, “Hey, Hare Krishna to you too!” – Krishnapria Kashyap San Diego, California, USA

I work in palliative care

with people near death. I bring them as much prasadam as I can, and although work rules say I can’t chant the maha-mantra, I chant Govinda Jaya Jaya and other bhajanas, as these are considered “ethnic songs” and hence acceptable. Work within the rules and there’s always room to help others and ourselves.- Caitanya Candra Dasa burnaby, Canada

My workplace is pretty intense.

Some days it’s an IeD (Improvised explosive Device); some days it’s incoming mortars. I’m in the u.S. army. During my day-to-day life, I try to give as many soldiers as possible the joy of reading Srila Prabhupada’s books. Prabhupada said that by simply holding his books, one makes advancement. If sometimes I must put myself in harm’s way to do this service, oh well I can handle it I can see the change in the soldiers’ hearts from receiving Srila Prabhupada’s books and prasadam offered to the Lord.- Partha-sarathi Dasa Talfar, Iraq

I am a practicing attorney, and I distribute prasadam

to the clerks, bailiffs, and administrators in alachua County, florida, at both the criminal and civil courthouses. They all love it and often send me thank you cards. I also have the opportunity to speak the philosophy more directly to clients suffering from protracted litigation. One woman asked me if I was a Hare Krishna, which led to an hour-long discussion on philosophy.

“jesus says that he has many flocks,” she told me as the conversation ended, and promptly asked for a sari.

The next day, I brought her one and showed her how to put it on. She loved it and promised me she’d wear it to church.- Lorraine Sherman Gainesville, florida, USA

I work in a telesales office,

where I’m known by the name Gauranga. On every one of the 1,500 phone calls I make every day, I say, “Hi, my name is Gauranga. I am calling on behalf of . . .”
Sometimes children pick up the phone.
“Mom,” they holler, “it’s Gauranga on the phone!”
followed by a bewildered,
That makes my day.

I also give my coworkers Prabhupada’s books as Christmas gifts and prasadam sweets on my birthday and special occasions. Sometimes I give out deity garlands, incense, and for the particularly brave, even Tulasi leaves.- Angela M. Witham, England

My workplace is in a taxi,

driving around the city of new Orleans. a laminated card on my dashboard informs customers that I will explain dharma and yoga to them if they like. I am not allowed to bother people with my own agenda while working, but I have had a number of people ask me for details. I try to explain to them how the goal of both dharma and yoga is bhakti. I also have some Krishna conscious brochures and books in the cab for those who are interested.- Citraketu Dasa new Orleans, Louisiana, USA

I manage a conference center,

where I am up front about being a devotee. I have framed photos of Srila Prabhupada and my deities in my office. I am shaved with a sikha, and I talk about Krishna regularly with my staff. I also try to let Vaisnava qualities such as compassion show in my work and my dealings. So many people are spiritually empty for me it’s important to show that Prabhupada has touched my life in a profound way. – Dhirasanta Dasa Hobart, Australia

I’m a professional truck driver.

In my profession I’m known as a “training engineer,” jargon for someone who teaches new drivers. Students come with me on the road for two weeks for some practical experience. Since it’s not allowed to openly preach, I give them Krishna in a more subtle way. My wife, Mahatma Dasi, cooks for the Toronto temple and prepares prasadam for me to take on the road. So for two weeks my driving students have to listen to the maha-mantra CDs I play and eat maha-prasadam. Once in a while I also leave a book behind at a truck stop.- Hadai Pandita Dasa Toronto, Canada

I own a store, and I play bhajanas over the speaker system

throughout the day. all my employees love it, and some even repeat the mantra. My wife makes prasadam cookies, which I keep in a jar and offer to all my customers, along with Srila Prabhupada’s books in Spanish. I also have an altar and pictures of Krishna on the walls, attracting questions constantly.

On the main highway in Panama, I have a billboard advertising my products, along with a huge picture of Lord nrsimha. The same picture appears on the trucks that transport my goods. When people ask who He is, I tell them that He is a form of the Lord who protects everyone.- Syama Candra Dasa Colon, Panama