How has Krishna Consciousness made you a better person in your everyday life?

I used to hiss, and tut, and pull faces at people

Who got in my way in the street, at the bus stop, and especially when getting on and off the train. I’d scowl and make rude remarks, and I was always in a hurry, even when I wasn’t. I gave a new meaning to the word impatient, and it was always someone else’s fault.

Seven months ago, I walked into Krishna’s temple, and my life changed forever.

Now I see my faults as things to be corrected so I can be a better devotee of Krishna. I want my every word and thought and action to be pleasing to Krishna, and although I slip up daily, I can at least say I’m trying to correct my faults.

I want to be a nice devotee, in and out of the temple. So I try to curb my tongue and my face! I try to be humble and to remember that Krishna sits in the heart of all living things and that I should be as respectful to strangers on the street as I would be to Krishna or His devotees. Before, my life had no direction, no real purpose, and there was no reason to correct my faults or mistakes. Now everything I do is for Krishna, and with His mercy I am on the path to becoming a better devotee and a nicer human being.- Kimimela Channah Maidenhead, England

Krishna consciousness makes me a better person mainly because

I follow the four principles of no meat-eating, no gambling, no illicit sex, and no intoxication. This in itself makes me a friend of Mother Nature.

Chanting sixteen rounds on my beads helps me overcome the influence of the mode of ignorance, which causes anger and egotism. Every day when I participate in maõgala-arati and the noon and evening aratis, my soul becomes more and more purified by the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna. Now I realize that Krishna is everywhere, so I love every soul.- Rampapu Prabhu S kudai, Malaysia

My everyday life is better through chanting the holy names

And focusing on listening. In the beginning I chanted one mala (round) daily. Whenever I was confronted with a problem, I would put it before Krishna and ask Him to give me strength to solve it. Then gradually my chanting gave me that strength. Eventually, I got inspired to increase my chanting to eight rounds daily. Then I progressed to sixteen rounds.

Now, whenever I face any problem, I don’t think about it. I have learned that there is no need to lament before Krishna and waste time. Instead, get to chanting, and follow the regulative principles. Now, I always feel the presence and assurance of Krishna near me.- Lalita Rao, Pantnagar, Uttaranchal

Krishna consciousness has totally changed my life.

Although our main aim is to attain pure love for Krishna, still there are many side benefits of a Krishna conscious life.

As a student, I used to be jealous of my classmates, but after coming to Krishna consciousness I have a friendly feeling toward everyone. It has also changed my outlook on the world. I like to cook prasadam for my classmates, distribute Prabhupada’s books among them, and help them in their studies.

Krishna consciousness has taught me to be disciplined. Now I don’t like to waste any natural resource, as everything belongs to Krishna. And to give others Krishna consciousness I have improved my confidence and my communication skills. Thus Krishna consciousness has made me a better human being.- Kanupriya Agarwal, Delhi

Because of Krishna consciousness I have been a committed vegetarian since 1992.

I follow the four regulative principles, read Prabhupada’s books, and offer devotional service at my local temple. Just doing these activities has changed my life forever. My greatest joy comes from having turned my mom and my dad into vegetarians. When I think of how my life would be without Krishna, it scares me into loving Him more. Without Krishna I would be eating meat, madly chasing girls, drinking, and listening to nonsense music. I would not have a profound relationship with my own soul and Supersoul. I feel so good all the time knowing who God is and what God likes. It feels wonderful to please God, day after day.- Krishna Dasa Laguna Beach, California, USA

I was a non-vegetarian, and by Krishna’s mercy I am now a pure vegetarian. I was very short-tempered, and I now try to control my anger. I have a mental satisfaction about everything, as I know that whatever is going to happen will be by the mercy of Krishna and I cannot change it. All I can do is surrender myself to His divine wish and experience a beautiful result. I have seen myself transforming, evolving all thanks to Him.- Kavita Chugh, Delhi

I loved “stuff,” or things.

Before I walked into a Krishna temple in August 2008, I would have happily spent my life on my endless search for stuff. But that to me seems a lifetime ago. Now, thanks to Krishna’s great and unending mercy, I can see my stuff for what it really is an illusion, something temporary, and definitely not the way to happiness.

Spending time in Krishna’s temple has made me realize that if all my stuff disappeared in a moment, it wouldn’t matter. Because worshiping Krishna, serving Him, continually thinking of Him, spreading His message that’s what’s important. And I really don’t need any stuff at all to do that.

I have to admit, I’m not completely over my stuff addiction, but I am getting there. And my love of things is slowly being replaced with love of chanting and association and darsana and service.- Anna Mace London, UK

Krishna consciousness has made me a better person in so many ways. By begging Krishna to take the desire away, I was able to give up smoking. I’ve become more aware of other living entities and try not to needlessly kill them or hurt their bodies. By the good influence of my spiritual master and senior devotees, I’m learning to think before I speak; I’m learning to see humanity as one big extended family rather than separate countries or states; I’m learning to see likeness rather than differences; I’m learning to be more gentle and not harsh or brash. I smile more than ever before.- Jambavati Devi Dasi Austin, Texas, USA

To access the mercy of Caitanya Mahaprabhu I am trying to live a life of good character. I am also trying to become a selfless servant of others by putting conscience before pleasure. This inspiration I get from Bhagavad-gita, where Arjuna is ready to beg rather kill his own kinsmen. Before, I never thought of imbibing such essential qualities. I thank Srila Prabhupada’s movement, which gave me a life of character and integrity.- Amritanshu Srivastava, Pune