How do changing seasons remind you of Krishna?
Krishna says in the tenth chapter of the Bhagavad-gita that of seasons He is the flower bearing spring, because it is neither too hot nor too cold and flowers and trees blossom and flourish. Also, there are many pastimes and festivals of Krishna in spring.
Summer reminds me of Krishna as in summer due to intense heat, one cannot go out in day time, so one can spend his time chanting his rounds at home. 
Just as changing seasons are not always comfortable but one has to tolerate them, Krishna tells us that one has to similarly tolerate the changes of life’s situations-sometimes happiness, sometimes misery. – Premanjana Dasa
As per Vedic calendar, the change of atus (seasons) takes place at every two months interval and the six seasons in a year are: vasanta (spring), grishma (summer), varsha (monsoon), sharat (early autmn), hemanta (late autumn), and shishira (winter) 
Every change of season, particularly the advent of sharat season reminds me of the wonderful pastimes of Krishna.  At the behest of Lord Krishna, Govardhana-puja festival was performed just after the dark moon night of the month of Kartika. Krishna smashed the pride of Indra by holding Govardhana Hill on the little finger of His left hand for seven consecutive days, up until the ninth day of moon. On Ekadashi Nanda Maharaja observed a fast, and on Dvadasi he was abducted by Varuna’s men while he was bathing in the Yamuna. He was subsequently released by Krishna. In this way, full moon night of the sharat season came to a pass and Krishna waited for another year for the performance of rasa dance.- Rasa Purusa Dasa
The changing of the pleasant sun rays of the autumn season to the scorching sun in the summer reminds me of Krishna. As we travel in scorching heat of the summer sun, the shade of a tree or a simple shelter gives us immediate relief. Similarly, if we take the shelter of the lotus feet of Krishna, we will get immediate relief from the burning pains of this material world. It also signifies the urgency to surrender to the Lord because if we delay too much we may suffer sunstroke or a terrible kick on our material lives. – Kalpesh Jadhav
When one sees a dark monsoon cloud, one is reminded of Ghanasyama (Krishna). When there are heavy rains that collapse the entire transport system in Mumbai, I remember the pastime of Lord Krishna lifting Govardhana Hill and protecting vrajavasis from the terrible deluge. I remember the story of how Vasudeva, Krishna's father, transported newborn Krishna from Mathura to Vrindavana by crossing the flooding Yamuna. 
While Krishna was ruling Dvarakapuri, it was filled with the opulence of all seasons. There were hermitages, orchards, flowers and water reservoirs breeding lotuses all over. 
Every autumn clears the sky of clouds, cleans the earth of its covering of mud, and purifies the water of contamination. In the same way, loving service rendered to Lord Krishna frees devotees from their troubles.- Gayatri Gaitonde
Every leaf that moves, every rain drop that falls on leaves, every snow flake that lands on the branches of the trees, every wind that blows, everything happens only by Krishna’s will. When I heard this for the first time I kept wondering, how does Krishna manage all these things? Just this question keeps me reminding of Krishna. This small little Krishna is actually controlling this heat, these rains and the chilling winter. This is inconceivable! – Kalyani Ajrekar