What would you like to thank God for?

In Your Own Words

I would like to thank God for sending Hare Krishna devotees into my life. By their mercy I am learning how to thank God. I thank God that He sent Krishna-prasada  to my college campus where I was studying. Prasada  changed my life. I thank God that He spoke Bhagavad-gita. The wisdom given in it has changed the lives of millions of people. I thank God that He sent Srila Prabhupada to this world, who personally preached the path of bhakti throughout the world.

I thank God that He appeared as Lord Caitanya to reveal love of Sri Sri Radha Krishna. I thank Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu that He accepted sannyasa to liberate fallen souls like me. I am grateful to the Lord that He has created association of pure devotees, with whom I can hear Srimad-Bhagavatam, go to places of pilgrimage, and with whom I can chant Hare Krishna. (Dinanatha Dasa Parbhani, Maharashtra)

My native place is Mathura, but for the last 60 years my family has been living in Baroda, Gujarat. From the very beginning, my family had been worshiping Lord Krishna– eating prasada, decorating Bal Krishna. My brother Mohan came in touch with ISKCON devotees while studying in Bangalore. When he returned home, he inspired me to become Krishna conscious and chant 16 rounds. I immediately accepted and started chanting. But, now after two years of preaching, I observe that it is not as easy for others to accept Krishna consciousness as it was for my brother and me. Due to the devotional environment of my family, it was easy for me to become Krishna conscious and understand Srila Prabhupada’s philosophy nicely.

Iwas very fortunate to get such an upbringing. So, I want to thank God for giving me birth in this family. (Mala Sharma, Baroda)

I thank God for protecting me, not just on the physical platform, but also for protecting me from falling into the pits of maya. Looking back, I can proudly say that God did have a very personal relationship with me. The way He handled things in my life is amazing. No management guru can beat that. My last few years in Krishna consciousness were a heart-throbbing adventure. Then suddenly from nowhere, I slipped and got into bad association. Then Krishna actually held my hand and protected me from dangers. He gave me protection when I did not even ask for it. That is real compassion. We do not help people even when they ask. However, here is someone, who proved Himself (although He need not) that He is the most merciful of all. I hardly had anything to do with Him, still He stayed by my side in a most dramatic way. (Rahul Danait)

From a major accident that I escaped, to that car lift I got from college to home, from my loving parents and my sweet brothers to my favorite pav bhaji and delicious rabdi, I am thankful to God for everything. But I am most indebted to Him for His manifestation as friendship in all the relationships I savor. The only thing that has kept me surviving in this world is this feeling of friendship, be it with the unknown author of my favorite book, my design professor, or my college friends. Since my childhood I have always treated Lord Krishna as a friend among all the gods I believed in. I was scared of all of them but not of Krishna. If this would not have been my relationship with the Lord I would have never been introduced to ISKCON and my life would have never changed. Thank you friend! (Manish Goel, Delhi)

A lot of my friends come from an atheistic background. Some believe in God, but only when they have a desire that they cannot fulfil. I want to thank God for giving me birth in a family that always believed in praying to God for strength and thanking Him even for the bad times. My family and I share different ideals when it comes to God and religion. I want to thank God for giving me birth in a family where different faiths coexist. It has made me more tolerant and respectful towards the belief of others, however different they may be from mine. I have observed people who chant the names of God with bitter feelings towards others. I want to thank God for giving me birth in a family that believes that love for God starts with kindness and compassion towards others. Thank you, God. (Rashi Parikh, Mumbai)

1+5 Things I Thank God for:

1. For each moment He has given me. Each moment I can either make or break. Each moment I can build my memories, experiences, and activities. In this one present moment I can build my destiny. + Five more things I thank God for:

1. For appearing in a Deity form with whom I can develop a relationship.

2. For giving His holy name which is non-different from Him and also easily accessible.

3. For giving me the association of devotees from whom I get guidance and inspiration in my spiritual life.

4. For giving me Srimad-Bhagavatam, which is the torchlight of knowledge for this dark age of Kali.

5. For the holy dhamas which remind me of His transcendental activities.

I thank God for these five gifts that enhance His first gift each moment of opportunity given to me. (Brajaswamini Devi Dasi)