What steps will you adopt in your life towards natural living?
After spending a few years in big cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, I seriously feel that the varnashrama setup given by Srila Prabhupada is ideal. Later on in my life I would try to settle down in the countryside where there are more forests and where one can live a natural way of life. In the big cities, life is full of traffic, pollution, anxieties and problems.
For natural living I would use natural products and eat organic food. Srila Prabhupada says that we are what we eat and how we eat; so I would like to consume more organic food and products prepared from cow milk. I would also reduce my dependence on artificial things and factories. Modern civilization is just based on futile hard work and sense gratification, whereas natural living is based on Krishna conscious self-satisfaction. -Premanjana Dasa
I have started using natural shampoo made out of cow dung and urine. Mother Yashoda used to bathe Lord Krishna with these items to protect him from the inauspicious objects. I also use natural products like tooth powder made out from cow dung, cow dung dhupa, and cow dung mosquito repellants (made out of dry cow dung which when burned produces smoke that drives away mosquitoes). Besides this I am trying my best to minimize the use of polythene bags. -Nisha Kanwar
I started using eye drops which is made from cow urine. I had filamentary Keratitis (an incurable eye disease). A few of the eye specialists in Mumbai told me that this is incurable but after using these eye drops, my eye disease is cured. This experience has encouraged me to use more of such cow products. Because of this experience, my belief in ayurvedic medicines has increased and I have started taking more medicines based on ayurveda.
While I am practicing Krishna consciousness, I have reduced use of paper and I try to use electricity optimally. After getting association of devotees and attending some yatras, I realized that I am not walking enough and due to which I have joint pain. But now wherever possible I prefer walking and I think this way it also helps reduce pollution..-Kapil Solanki
I will try to understand life and how it can be lived naturally. I would try to minimise my needs and will see to it that I do not misuse the gift of nature. -Sharad Tiwari
To live a natural life, I attempt to be honest and truthful in my dealings with others. People normally interpret natural living only as a way to live closely with nature. But our mental anxieties don’t even let us live peacefully in the midst of nature. For me, natural living is to live and interact naturally with all the human beings and get rid of my dubious lifestyle which has unknowingly become my second nature. I would now like to get over the influence of modern materialistic culture and stop making money through cheating propensities. I would like to live a life centered on natural values of truth and integrity. I would like to awaken my natural feelings of love and compassion for each and every living being. Natural living to me does not mean using natural products for my daily use but a deeper meaning to awaken my deep inner thoughts of love towards the Supreme Lord and every other living entity. -Himmat Gada