How will you react if you catch someone accepting a bribe?
If I notice someone accepting a bribe, I will immediately take this point to his authority, so he can take remedial measures to curb corruption. I urge the authorities to act against the roots, not the fruits.
(SNS Ravindranath)
I will try to give philosophical knowledge. I will explain about the laws of karma, hellish planets and rebirth. If he can his black money in Krishna-seva building temples, purchasing Srila Prabhupada’s books he won’t have to face the reaction of his bad karmas. He should understand that everything belongs to Krishna and He is the proprietor of everything, so you should not steal anything. Money comes by destiny; we cannot get more than what we deserve. I would also pray to Krishna so he can come out of this sinful life. Informing the police may not solve the problem because even the police force is corrupt. As far as possible, I will try to preach to him and engage him in Krishna’s service.
(Premanjana Dasa)
Accepting bribe is a sin you get a heavy karmic reaction if you indulge in it. It is stated in the scriptures that a person should do his duty honestly, with integrity and with respect. We should teach them to discharge their duties honestly and without asking for any favors from anybody. We should make them realize that asking or accepting a bribe is like a sin for which God will definitely punish them. 
If I catch someone accepting a bribe I’ll be furious. I would tell them how unethical, illegal and immoral it is to accept a bribe. I would tell them that they are disrespecting their own position by doing such a cheap act. I would drag them to the court of law. I would make sure that they are punished. 
(Swati Pande)