How will you spread Krishna consciousness through Internet?
1. I would like to edit and upload little video clips of different temples, Deities and festivals being celebrated in our Krishna conscious society. Images often speak a thousand words, and moving images add more interest to it. People would rather prefer to watch a video about a topic than read a page of a text.
2. Prasada is one of the major attractions for many people. I would like to share recipes with others and give information about the food prepared by using the ingredients and procedures which follow Vedic principles.
3. Another thing I would do is to start my own blog and share it with others. It will encourage being open to new ideas and communicating with other devotees to share or write articles related to Krishna consciousness. This will help the neophytes to understand the science of Krishna consciousness and will create awareness among many of them. It will also encourage many new aspirants and senior Vaisnavas to share their experiences.
(Rashmi Kanojia)
I CAN SPREAD KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS through social networking sites, since the use of sites such as Facebook is increasing rapidly not only amongst youngsters but adults as well.
On my part I will quote shlokas on Facebook that glorify Lord Krishna; this can help people awaken their soul to eternal knowledge if they recite them daily.
Uploading videos of lectures given on Bhagavad-gita is another amazing way in which Krishna consciousness can be spread. I will upload whatever I can. I will also write blogs telling how the Hare Krishna movement changed my life; this can inspire others to become a part of this movement.
(Shubhangi Singh)
THE NETWORK MARKETING for holy names of Lord Krishna was clearly outlined by one of the great Gaudiya Vaisnava acharyas, Bhaktivinoda Thakura, around one hundred years back in a bhajana that he composed. He has also mentioned in his book Godruma Kalpatavi that every person in this world is a potential customer to receive the holy names of Lord Caitanya.
I will create many websites to describe Lord Gauranga’s pastimes to attract people of all age groups, send emails to like-minded devotees by forming e-group. I will write about the basics of Krishna consciousness in a personal blog and describe the glories and benefits of performing Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama (circumambulating the holy land of Gaura Mandala) in discussion forums of devotees, avoiding controversial debate topics. 
(Jivana Gaurahari Dasa, Chennai)
E-MAIL IS ONE OF THE BEST methods to spread awareness because every educated person has an e-mail id. I will send pastimes of the Lord as messages, send pictures using Facebook, and create general awareness by SMS. I will also send my wishes to friends on occasions like Sri Krishna Janmastami, Radhastami, Sri Nrsimha Jayanti etc. I am sure this will surely have an impact on youngsters.
(Aishwarya V)
I WILL SEND A DAILY QUOTE from Bhagavad-gita—a translation or a verse. Something similar  from Srimad-Bhagavatam will help me in spreading Lord Krishna’s glories too. I will send  the glorious life history of great acharyas on their appearance and disappearance days. I am very impressed by the website in spreading Krishna consciousness to people of all ages and interests. Some hear bhajanas and kirtanas while others may be interested in listening to lectures. Kids could even learn shlokas from this website. I will recommend this site to all my friends so that they can explore and become more Krishna conscious.
(Aarthi, Chennai)
I WILL UTILIZE THE INTERNET for the sole purpose of spreading Krishna consciousness by doing the following: 
1. I will start my own blog.
2. I will join forums where discussions on spiritual subject matter is possible.
3. I will create a Facebook page/group and share the inspiring experiences of exalted devotees with my co-devotees, friends and relatives.
4. I will contribute articles for the monthly BTG magazines: Back to Godhead (English), Bhagavad Darsanam (Tamil),  etc.
5. I will create a Twitter account and interested folks can sign up to my tweet feed. It will send both short and big postings.
6. I will utilize email to send spiritual emails to friends, relatives and groups on a daily basis furnishing at least an excerpt from the lectures of various spiritual masters in ISKCON, and sometimes will also send one verse each from Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-bhagavatam including its translation and key points from the purport. When a material apple a day can keep the doctor away, why can’t a spiritual shloka friend make the mind easily mend?
(Madhusudana Dasa)