What do you think is the symbolism of spring?
The budding light green soft leaf; the flowering of yellow mustard seed plants; the fresh grass changing the color of the landscape; fragrant flowers blooming in abundance this transformation is spring, the emergence of new life. It symbolizes the time when I took the path of Krishna consciousness seriously. The landscape of my life began to change.
Association of professional and worldly friends changed to association of devotees and gurus who were storehouses of love. Reading of mundane novels and newspapers changed to acquiring the wealth of knowledge from Srimad Bhagavatam and Caitanya caritamrta. Humming of old film songs changed to singing bhajanas of the Vaishnava acharyas and chanting the holy names on sacred beads. Eating items favoring the taste buds changed to eating only Krishna prasada. As Sri Krishna in His yellow garments and Srimati Radharani in Her yellowish golden complexion become more worshipable in spring, my commitment to the service of Sri Guru and Sri Krishna went deeper.
(Kalyani Ajrekar, Mumbai)
If Krishna consciousness comes, can spring be far behind in life? When His grace prevails over us, a blossoming takes place in our life a blossoming of the spirit, an inner awakening. It fills us with divine faith and love, gradually and effortlessly unlocking our real self from the enveloping worldly matter. The quintessential, sacred touch of the Bhagavad gita enlivens and renews our life and introduces us to ourselves to our finer, more potent aspects, and unleashes our hidden spiritual potential. 
This divine intervention lifts us from a mediocre vision toward the realm of broader mental horizons. Filled with an unconditional love for humanity, we experience certain serenity, feeling as though our life were blessed by an unseen hand. This really is the true spring of life, the much awaited spring, spreading its celestial fragrance all around us. 
(Dr. Aparna Chattopadhyay, New Delhi)
Spring means new, fresh beginning leaving behind all grudges, misgivings, forgiving ourselves and others, learning something new for Krishna, loving everyone like we love our tender newborn, and working on a long neglected ailment.
(Gayatri Gaitonde, Mumbai)
In India, the spring season is known as vasanta ritu, the season of happiness. Our farms and gardens are full of flowers and greenery, and this renewal of nature provokes our energy and efficiency. The color of our Mother Earth is yellow, and during this season everything appears yellow as if father God seems to meet it. The beauty of nature fills the heart with joy and makes us hale and hearty. It is certainly a merrymaking season. God, nature, and humans all dance with full energy and are nourished by new hopes. Lord Krishna says in Srimad Bhagavad gita (10.35), rtunam kusumakarah “Of seasons I am flower bearing spring.” That’s why celebrations are held in all Krishna temples during the two months of this season. 
(Swami Sumedhanand, Vrindavana)