How has Krishna consciousness made you a better person?

This process certainly freed me from stress, frustration with the materialistic way of life, and speculation on mysteries of life. Krishna consciousness helped me to see things in the correct perspective. Priorities in life changed to utilizing time and energy in serving Krishna and the Vaishnavas. The bite of hankering and lamentation subdued in due course of time, which made me realize there is no question of insecurity in Krishna consciousness. The day-to-day life, which appeared normal, was resting on the platform of sin before coming to Krishna consciousness. By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, I understood the purpose and importance of the human form of life. The quality of compassion now is to distribute Krishna consciousness to others. This is very urgent. (Jivana Gaurahari Dasa, Chennai, TN)

I am a consultant cardiac surgeon working in Cochin. I accidentally came in contact with ISKCON two years ago. This was the best thing that has happened in my life.

I was a highly egoistic and short tempered person, often proud of my qualifications. The dirt covering my heart was rinsed away after listening to Bhagavad-gita and reading Srila Prabhupada books. I gradually began chanting the Hare Krishna mantra. This process has shattered my false ego and made me realize what an insignificant fool I was all these years!

Now I have become a vegetarian. I make it a point to chant my rounds regularly. I constantly listen to Srila Prabhupada’s lectures during travel. I am experiencing bliss everyday and I want everyone to feel the same bliss by taking part in this sublime Krishna conscious movement. My only regret is that I have wasted 32 years of my life before coming in touch with Krishna consciousness. (Dr. J. Ramkumar,Cochin, Kerala )

I used to hiss, and tut, and pull faces at people who got in my way in the street, at the bus stop, and especially when getting on and off the train. I’d scowl and make rude remarks, and I was always in a hurry, even when I wasn’t. I gave a new meaning to the word impatient, and it was always someone else’s fault.

Seven months ago, I walked into Krishna’s temple, and my life changed forever.

Now I see my faults as things to be corrected so I can be a better devotee of Krishna. I want my every word and thought and action to be pleasing to Krishna, and although I slip up daily, I can at least say I’m trying to correct my faults.

I want to be a nice devotee, in and out of the temple. So I try to curb my tongue and my face! I try to be humble and to remember that Krishna sits in the heart of all living things and that I should be as respectful to strangers on the street as I would be to Krishna or His devotees. Before, my life had no direction, no real purpose, and there was no reason to correct my faults or mistakes. Now everything I do is for Krishna, and with His mercy I am on the path to becoming a better devotee and a nicer human being. (Kimimela Channah, Maidenhead, England)

Krishna consciousness makes me a better person mainly because I follow the four principles of no meat-eating, no gambling, no illicit sex, and no intoxication. This in itself makes me a friend of Mother Nature.

Chanting sixteen rounds on my beads helps me overcome the influence of the mode of ignorance, which causes anger and egotism. Every day when I participate in mangala-arati and the noon and evening aratis, my soul becomes more and more purified by the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna. Now I realize that Krishna is everywhere, so I love every soul. (Rampapu Prabhu, Skudai, Malaysia)