What do you do to give Krsna consciousness in your work place?

Partha Sarthi Dasa

MY WORKPLACE IS PRETTY intense. Some days it’s an IED (Improvised Explosive Device); some days it’s incoming mortars. I’m in the U.S. Army. During my day-today life, I try to give as many soldiers as possible the joy of reading srila Prabhupada’s books. Prabhupada said that by simply holding his books, one makes advancement. If sometimes I must put myself in harm’s way to do this service, oh well I can handle it. I can see the change in the soldiers’ hearts from receiving srila Prabhupada’s books and prasada offered to the Lord.

(Partha Sarathi Dasa Talfar, Iraq) 

I AM A PSYCHIATRIST IN UK. It is difficult to preach Krsna consciousness openly as this could lead to allegations of brain-washing or indoctrination. For those who are interested I begin with emphasis on lifestyle changes (the four regulative principles) and how they could benefit in terms of health, economics, environment, and consciousness. During ward rounds it is customary to offer tea/coffee. I refuse and when my colleagues ask me ‘Why?’ I say that I am a Hare Krsna monk and my spiritual master has refrained me from taking intoxications. Often this leads to a discussion about ‘What is Hare Krsna?’ I then invite the interested ones to my home or temple. The other strategy is that I try to be efficient and honest at work. When others complement on this, I say that I am efficient because I am trying to work for God and therefore want to do my best. This surprises everyone and leads to a discussion about ethics and spirituality.

(Dinabandhu Dasa UK) 

I WORK IN A HIGH-STRESS real-estate business, where I attract a lot of attention by singing the maha-mantra to relieve my stress. When someone asks, “What’s that song?” I reply that it’s a mantra that takes away all the bad and brings only good, inspiring some of my coworkers to write down the words and sing them quietly.

Those who accompany me for exercise during lunchtime also inevitably see me chanting on my beads. I tell them about my sixteen rounds, and that usually starts a spiritual discussion.

Finally, both my office voice mail and my cell phone have the greeting “Hare Krsna, you have reached Krishnapria Kashyap.” Having known me for so long, my co-workers sometimes leave a message starting with, “Hey, Hare Krsna to you too!”

(Krishnapria Kashyap San Diego, California)

I AM VERY FOND OF celebrating everyone’s birthday at my office. In order to remember I display the names of colleague with their birth dates for each month on the notice board. Until a few months back we used to celebrate the birthdays by cake cutting, distributing sweets and other namkeen items. However one day I thought of celebrating the birthdays by distributing Krsna prasada (Atta Ladoo, kesar pera, and kacauri which are available at Govinda’s restaurant at the ISKCON temple). There was a magic in Krsna prasada… everyone liked it very much. Finally they decided to distribute prasada from Govinda’s on each birthday. Slowly my colleagues began taking prasada to their homes on special occasions, for which they would request me to visit the temple and bring it. I am happy with this service as I get to see the Deities. Eventually my organization sponsored the 6-day Life Changing Seminar for 15 employees.

(Manali D. Bijlani, Delhi)

PRASADAM DISTRIBUTION  that’s one thing nobody will say ‘no’ to. I heard in a lecture that even if one unknowingly glorifies prasada, he advances in Krsna consciousness. He gets ajnata sukrti. So that’s the best way I try to distribute Krsna consciousness among my colleagues, my ex-class mates, and others. One more way is to put up photos of Deities in the office. As people see Them, they get attracted and glorify the Deities. That’s another trick to tell people about tricky Krsna! And finally, by keeping BTGs on my desk. People generally pick them up and go through the pages. “Wow! Wonderful pictures!” That’s the only oneliner I’ve heard so far from them whenever they’ve turned the pages of BTG.

(Nandagopal Jivana Dasa)

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