What innovative way would you use to spread the glories of Krishna?

In Your Own Words

My twenty-eight months of journeying in Krishna consciousness has taught me that everything fails in Krishna consciousness unless we have pure intentions. Neither innovation nor intelligence will make our efforts successful. But with pure intentions innovative ideas can really help. I have this strong desire to write an interesting book, Chronicles of Eternal Celibates, on the life of monks in ISKCON a book that captures the essence and also the fun part of their lives. If the book becomes a bestseller, I would like some Hollywood filmmaker to make a movie of it. It will introduce Krishna consciousness and ISKCON to everyone. This is my dream, and I want it to be my destiny. May this be your dream as well because it is just a dream when it’s mine, but when it becomes yours it will turn into reality. (Manish Goel, Mumbai)

As a primary school teacher, I have to deal with small children. To spread Krishna consciousness I would introduce a class in their daily curriculum where we would have all Krishna-related activities: story telling, drawing and painting, plays, singing, a trip to a nearby Vishnu or ISKCON temple (children love going out), a sattvik midday meal of prasada, and I would explain to them that everything belongs to Krishna. I would also teach them small, simple Shlokas, ask them to repeat them, explain the meanings, and ask questions on them. (Madhava Priya Devi Dasi, Thiruvananthapuram)

Recently I took up a job in a business process outsourcing (BPO) company, where people from all parts of the world call to ask questions and get answers. While answering calls, I got an idea: why not open a call center where people can ask questions about spiritual subject matters? Modern humans are plagued with so many problems. They can find real peace and happiness if they receive spiritual solutions.

The inbound process of such a call center which we may call Gauranga Process Outsourcing will deal with people’s questions on spiritual and philosophical matters. The outbound process should deal with outreach programs and the sale of devotional paraphernalia. Such a call center can thus become a wonderful preaching center to distribute the message of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya. (Gautam Daswani, Pune)

Inviting women home for kitty parties, cooking tasty bhoga, showing them how to offer that food to Krishna, and then serving them prasada I find this to be a wonderful way to spread Krishna consciousness. When they say, “Prasada is tasty” or “the Deities are so beautiful,” they make spiritual advancement and come closer to Krishna. At such parties, new women can learn the steps to dance in kirtana. Give them lots of time, hear them, show concern, and be one of them, and then share with them the name, form, pastimes, and glories of the Lord. (Gayatri Gaitonde,) 

Industries demand higher productivity and profit with less cost for labor, material, and manufacturing. Working engineers often wonder how to manage these conflicts, concluding that it is an impossibility. As part of the management team of an engineering industry, I commence my presentation on Conflict Management with a picture of Lord Narsimhadeva killing the demon Hiranyakashipu. Hiranyakashipu got a benediction that he would not be killed inside or outside home, on earth or in the sky, during the day or at night, by man or animal, by any weapon, by the fall of a drop of blood, and so on. Hiranyakashipu thought that this benediction was a bundle of conflicts, so he would remain immortal. But Lord Sri Krishna, in the form of Lord Narsimhadeva, killed Hiranyakashipu by perfectly managing all the conflicts in his benediction. Krishna is the master of conflict management, and if we become His devotee, nothing is impossible; all impossible things can become possible. (N. Sundar, Pune)