Which things in nature remind you of Krsna?

The rainbow reminds me of the presence of Krsna. All the colors of life are so vibrantly displayed, it seems like an autograph of Krsna on the sky. We can see and feel its beauty, the quality that signifies the presence of the Lord. The rainbow is like a big colorful smile of the merciful Lord among the dark rain clouds. Although we can’t find the origin and end of it, the rainbow is the sign that the sun is somewhere around just as the merciful Krsna, who is always around to protect His devotees. (Kunal Surana,Pune)

Duhkhalayam asasvatam. The material world with all its miseries reminds me of Krsna.  One who does not have the proper understanding of the purpose behind this creation may apparently assume Krsna to be a sadist who tortures living entities for His own enjoyment.

In Your Own Words

When a giraffe gives birth to its offspring, the mother giraffe immediately starts kicking the baby till it stands up and starts running.  One may think that the mother giraffe is cruel.  But the mother is actually trying to save the baby from becoming a prey to the wild animals.  Similarly, Krsna’s material world is designed to give us continuous kicks in so many ways to remind us of the futility of this world.  Krsna does not want us to rot here forever, but rather He wants us to enjoy eternal bliss by taking us back home, back to Godhead. (Rasikacarya Dasa)

Mother cow is a poignant reminder of the existence of God. She is a completely harmless creature and full of motherly love for all living beings. Pure cow’s milk, when treated according to the Vedic process, is a miracle food and it increases one’s prajïa, spiritual intellect. She is the only life form whose urine and dung are also beneficial for human beings.

Unfortunately, she is being cruelly slaughtered by the millions worldwide. Like the cow, Krsna gives spiritual knowledge through the holy scriptures like Bhagavad-gita for the ultimate welfare of all humanity for all time. Yet, His pure message is also being slaughtered by the atheists, impersonalists, and the agnostics. Therefore, the greatest need of the hour is to protect cows and spread bona fide knowledge of the scriptures. (Nitai Prasada Dasa)

The reddish golden glow of dawn reminds me of the color of Srimati Radharani and Lord Caitanya. Fanning sunrays that pierce the clouds appear like arms of the Lord ready to embrace. The mighty rivers with their gentle currents beckon me like mothers. The baby-powder like soft mud of holy dhams pampers my feet as though I walk in the lap of the Supreme Mother.  As the breeze rustles the tree leaves and lightly caresses me, I remember the words of my spiritual master, “When a cool breeze blows in Vrndavana, it means Lord Krsna is embracing you.” The trees in Vrndavana with Sri Radhe and Sri Krsna written on them seem like age-old friends. Early morning or in dark evenings, when no one watches, I embrace them, and a divine feeling of love enters within me as I press my heart to theirs. (Murari Gupta Dasa)

According to Bhagavad-gita, prakrti (material nature) is Krsna’s energy. When we take nature walks, we see kadamba trees, tulasi plants, cows, monkeys, and peacocks. They remind us of Vrndavana. Lakes, rivers, and oceans remind us of Krsna’spastimes with His cowherd friends on the banks of Yamuna and His stealing gopis clothes. Stones remind us of salagrama-sila. Hills and mountains remind us of Govardhana. When we see the parijata tree, it reminds us of Krsna and Satyabhama in Dvaraka. And, when we see devotees wearing tilaka, dhothi-kurta or saris and doing nama-saìkirtana, we are immediately reminded of Krsna. The sky reminds of Krsna’s blue color, the rising and setting of the sun and moon reminds of Time, and stars remind of Dhruva’s pastime.

 We live in this illusionary world but with beautiful nature around us, why not always remember Krsna and never forget Him? (Mrs. Iyer, Goa).

Time reminds of Krsna. When we think of nature generally what comes to mind are: sun, moon, air, ocean, Himalayan mountains, beautiful forests, flowers so on. Seldom do we think of time, for we are not used to it.

Time is like salt in a curry( invisible but integral. Lord Krsna says in Bhagavad-gita (10.33): “I am the inexhaustible time.” Time is the representative of Krsna because in due course of time, there will be a great fire and everything will be annihilated, so it is up to to us how we use this beautiful nature in remembering the Supreme Lord Krsna. (Srinivas Kasturi, Hyderabad)

Material sufferings in this world remind me of Krsna. We, as humans tend to crib a lot about minor mishaps occurring in lives. But when we see hardcore sufferings that people go through, the thoughts that should strike a practicing devotee are, “Krsna is so merciful upon me! He has given me so much. He has given me practically everything I need, except these few things that I am cribbing for!”

This is how the material world is. There will always be someone or something which irritates us. But we should know that for one practicing bhakti, reactions are received by us, but only after being filtered by the Lord Himself. This increases our appreciation and gratitude towards Krsna. Krsna preserves what we have and compensates what we lack. This affection of Krsna will help one always prayerfully remember the Lord in all circumstances.” (Rahul Danait)