In Krishna consciousness, which skill do you lack and would like to develop?

The Krishna conscious skill that I would like to develop is to make jewellery for Deities. Jewellery design requires not only creativity and imagination but also deftness of hands. During darshana, I can see the effort and talent of the devotees in the beautiful necklaces, earrings, waist-belts, bangles and anklets that adorn the Lord.

In Your Own Words

I feel jewellery-making is one way in which we can serve Deities intimately. Previously I attempted to design a few pieces for my home Deities but could not succeed. After that I have been unable to contribute time and effort required for this endeavor. Perhaps, in the near future, Krishna willing, I will be able to learn this under the guidance of senior devotees, and serve my Deities better.(Suvarna Radhika Devi Dasi,Pune)

When we see big temples in South India, an immediate thought comes to our minds: “How amazing are these carvings! This requires skilled laborers and craftsmanship.” Many of us lack in acting, instrument-playing, book distribution, dressing the Deities and much more. We realize this when we get an opportunity but are not able to do that service. We have Gaura-Nitai Deities at home, and in our Vaishnava tradition we understand that the Deity is non-different from the personality. Since last year I noticed the paint on Their eyes, lips, tilaka being wiped away. Seeing this, I started to paint them with water-colors since I am not skilled in painting. But, my son said, “Our Deities don’t look like before. Their smile is gone, and Their eyes are different.” I really felt bad. I realized that I always used to admire those devotees who were painting Krishna’s lotus eyes, Radharani’s beautiful lips.

O Govinda! When will I develop this skill to serve You? (Mrs. Vina Aiyer, Goa)

I wish to learn and develop the  following skills:

1. Complete surrender to Krishna’s lotus feet and full absorption in pleasing Krishna’ s devotees, guru and Nanda-nandana Sri Krishna.

2. Full absorption in sravanam kirtanam visnom.

3. Humility, tolerance, simplicity and proactivity. These skills can help to fulfill Lord’s mission: Unalloyed devotional services(complete surrender to Krishna’s lotus feet and full absorption to please bhaktas, guru and Krishna.(Bh. Janis)

I would like to develop patience as the skill which is required to handle a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds carrying a variety of belief systems. In Krishna consciousness, this skill naturally starts flowering with the progress of a devotee when the mercy of Krishna starts showering. At this stage, the guidance and support of fellow devotees are required to recognize and contain the showering nectar at our lower level of existence. As the devotee progresses further, all these qualities start becoming visible in his day-to-day activities. In particular, while preaching, a variety of contradictory arguments starts bombarding from the opposite party, which may irritate a preacher and he may either lose patience or may get demoralized. Such a situation should be taken by the preacher as a test from Krishna who is helping us to develop the habit of patience which is very much required for our progress in Krishna consciousness. (Rajesh Kumar Mishra, BARC, Mumbai)

The skill that I lack in Krishna consciousness but would like to develop is the ability to tolerate the urge of criticizing spiritual organizations other than ISKCON. I have a knack of openly speaking truths, which are not desired to be heard by the masses. This should be curbed as it would mostly lead to anti-preaching as far as the preaching of Krishna consciousness is concerned. I need to see good in people and organizations and be appreciative of that, rather than sit back and condemn their philosophies. They might not be at par with what Krishna consciousness has to offer philosophically, but all such organizations do play a decent role in serving societies, by promoting various kinds of Vedic activities like physical yoga, cow protection, etc. I need to identify these acts and be appreciative of this attitude, and at the same time be loyal to Srila Prabhupada ’s teachings. This is the balance I strive for.(Rahul Danait)

The Krishna consciousness process is perfect. Bhaktivedanta purports give the classic understanding of sashtra enriched with many analogies. To put forward these jewels favorably to the people requires oratory skills and eloquence. An experienced orator can present the philosophy so as to appeal to the the mass and also to the class.

This can induce people to take to Krishna consciousness seriously. It can transform the heart. I would like to develop this skill. As in the case of Pracinabarhisat, Narada Muni presented the allegorical story of Puranjana and city of nine gates. In many other instances, Narada Muni transformed the heart through his speech. The process,  which may appear as bitter medicine in conditioned state, if wrapped into a sweet cake, breaks the barrier of apprehension or stagnancy. The oratory skill can generate the appetite for Krishna consciousness. At the same time without the substance-devotion  and service attitude-these skills will not make any sense. (Pradyumna Misra Dasa)