Sri Gowtum Teelock, one of the first patron members of ISKCON Mauritius, passed away last August 25 at the age of eighty-two. Mr. Teelock had been a member of Parliament, serving as a junior minister of agriculture. Hailing from a leading Hindu family of Mauritius, he at once took a liking to the devotees, moved by their simple way of life. He offered to help them set up ISKCON in his country. He would tell his friends and colleagues about the need to have a movement to wake up the "sleeping Hindu community" in Mauritius. Because he was convinced of the message of Krsna consciousness, he was able to convince others as well.

Mr. Teelock worked to bring Srila Prabhupada to Mauritius in 1975. He received Prabhupada and arranged for important persons to come to hear Prabhupada speak. Srila Prabhupada recognized his special position and asked him to help the devotees. Mr. Teelock took the request seriously and always did his best to fulfill it. He was pleased to help the devotees deal with government and legal affairs.

Whenever Mr. Teelock would go to Bombay, he would meet Srila Prabhupada there, and they became friends.

When ISKCON was unsuccessful in acquiring land in Mauritius, Mr. Teelock donated five acres of prime agricultural land for the ISKCON Vedic Farm. He also helped them get Hare Krishna Land in Phoenix.

Sri Gowtum Teelock was known for his genuine concern for the welfare of others. He had the highest principles and never compromised for the sake of personal gain or popularity.