Excerpts from songs by Run Devil Run.

The age of Kali-Yuga, quarrelsome.
What can be done now?
We struggle to live in this world
As the banner of death unfurls.
There must be authority or disarray.
We must seek authority TODAY!

From "Struggle for Existence"

I've gotta take what's dealt my way,
and with a grain of salt I'll try to learn from my mistakes.
I won't depend on a crutch,
because the temple of the jiva is ignorance.
The senses are just paths leading to death,
and when I answer their demands, I know where I am led,
more pain, sorrow, remorse, so I'll just
make the best with what I have and answer no more!

From "Temple of Jiva"

Everybody's out to tell me
their way's the only way.
Well, action speaks louder than words,
so show me what you've got to say.
Don't forget, when you point your finger
there's always three pointed back at you.
I respect your good intentions,
but I just want the truth.

From "Forcefed Reality"

Look around the world,
nothing but a lie.
People dropping every day,
but we don't ask why.
Watching all the world
destined to die.
Missing opportunities,
human life passed by.

From "I Could Be"