Srila Prabhupada started his final mission when he was sixty-nine
Many souls would end their journey when they reach that time
His teaching immortalized bhakti for the common
In guiding and inspiring the soul, he was second to none
He made the deserted hippies into sublime happy’s 
He preached, “Material happiness eventually makes you unhappy.”
He  organized the first Ratha-yatra in the West for Lord Jagannatha 
For the spiritual cause, he was a devoted juggernaur.
Without Prabhupada’s teaching, the world would have been more quarrelsome
He said the sixteen syllables of maha-mantra would make your life wholesome.
Love for Supreme Krishna needs no pre-qualification 
It’s neither a business, nor a material affiliation
Neither is it based on one’s dynastic lineage nor material knowledge 
The unconditional mood to serve should free you from Kali-yuga’s  cage