The rains have just hit Mumbai.As I look out from my window I see the first of the rain showers soothing the hearts,bodies and minds of all of us after we had just experienced the blazing hot summer.However the rainy season will not bring only relief-along with it will come clogged drains,cancelled trains,terrible traffic jams,and a few diseases as well.The wheel of Mother Nature keeps on revolving.The seasons keep on changing.We try to adjust rothings as much as we can but how much and how long!What can this material world offer as a solace …. FM Radio.Yes,you read it right.One radio-jockey was allowing people to call to the station and voice their complaints about the municipal authorities not doing this correct or that correct.And finally,what did he offer.These are his actual words:"Since you or me can do nothing to alleviate our suffer ings,let's run away from this world of suffering to take shelter of the latest Bollywood hit musical  umber."  
Can it get more pathetic than that? To forget your sufferings in the real world you listen to some songs and feel relief? How childish! 
In the Tenth Canto of the Srimad-Bhagavatam one vivid description of the rainy season also has deep philosophical insights in it.Try to see the philosophy behind these scenes as you may experience during the rainy season tn your area: 
a) The evening in the rainy season is dark all around.There is no sight of the twinkling stars on the horizon or the pleasing moon.They are covered by clouds.And the insignificant glowworms become prominent in the absence of the luminaries in the open sky.   
b) The colorful greenery of the newly grown grass,the seasonal flowers,the frog's umbrellas,the butterflies,and the other variegated ness of the rainy season perfectly represent a well-to-do family absorbed in vanity over their personal assets. 
c) In the rainy season some of the roads are not frequently used and  become covered with long grasses,and thus it becomes very difficult to see the road.Similarly,in this age the transcendental scriptures are not properly studied by the brahmanas.Being covered by the effects of time,the  scriptures are practically lost,and it becomes very difficult to understand or follow them.
d) In the rainy season,when the rivers swell and rush to the ocean,and as the wind blows the waves about,the ocean appears to be agitated.Similarly,if a person engaged in the mystic yoga process is not very advanced in spiritual life,he can be affected by the modes of nature and thus will be agitated by the sex impulse. 
The mountains,although being struck by torrents of rain during the rainy season, are not shaken, just as those whose hearts are dedicated to the transcendental Personality of Godhead are never disturbed,even when harassed by great misfortune. 
e) Small pools of water accumulate during the rainy season,and in the  autumn they gradually dry up.The little creatures playing in those small pools do not understand that their days are now numbered and will end very soon.Thus they are like foolish men who,not caring for the  earing day of their death,become absorbed in the so-called enjoyment of family life. 
Chant the mahamantra, Hare Krsnna,Hare Krsna,krsna krsna Hare Hare/ Hare Rama,hare Rama, Rama Rama,Hare Hare,and that will help you on any rainy day! 
(Syamananda Dasa)