1987 Festival of the Chariots Boston

1987, Festival of the Chariots, Boston


Tap into the resivoir of pleasure. By chanting the names of God, you'll immediately be in touch with the source of all pleasure. The name Krsna mans "the all-attractive person," and Rama means "the supreme pleasure." Hare is a word addressing Hara, God's devotional energy, to whom we pray to be engaged in the Lord's service. Because God is unlimited and absolute, He is fully present in the sound of His names. So, just as darkness cannot stand in the presence of light, miseries cannot affect us when we chant God's names.

Because we are apiritual and eternal, our natural state is of unrestricted happiness. But forgetting our original positions as loving servants and devotees of Krsna, we suffer the pains of material life. By chanting God's names, we become purified of all material desires, which seperate us from Krsna, and we regain entrance into the eternal, blissful, spiritual realm.

The spiritual realm is not restricted by time and space; it's always within reach. And you can experience it. Chant the Hare Krsna and taste the pleasure.